On the refinement of the use of salinity as the basis for a standard to use in conjunction with flow to protect important living resources of the San Francisco Estuary : report of a workshop held at the Bay Conference Center, Tiburon, California, 17 December 1991.

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Marine Sciences Research Center
Schubel, J. R.
Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook University
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from the conclusion, "The workshop participants reaffirmed the importance of developing a seasonal salinity standard that takes the form of a position of the nearbottom 2 o/oo isohaline. The salinity standard should be used in conjunction with a flow standard to protect the Bay ecosystem and important human values and uses. The workshop reaffirmed the two approaches outlined in the first workshop report for selecting the most appropriate location of the 2 o/oo isohaline for each season -- the seasonal salinity standard. The preliminary analysis carried out by Wim Kimmerer should be refined and a renewed effort should be made to develop a matrix for each season that relate biological and environmental properties and processes to different 'flows and associated positions of the near-bottom 2 o/oo isohaline. These activities are described in the next section, "Follow-up Assignments. . ."
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