Physics of Atomic Nuclei V. 67, I. 12

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Physics of Atomic Nuclei
Physics of Atomic Nuclei -- December 2004 Volume 67, Issue 12, pp. 2107-2279 NUCLEI Experiment Energy Resolution of Experiments with Quasimonoenergetic Annihilation Photons and Structure of a Giant Dipole Resonance V. V. Varlamov, B. S. Ishkhanov, D. S. Rudenko, and M. E. Stepanov pp. 2107-2121 Full Text: PDF (456 kB) Electromagnetic Dissociation of Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ions and Cross Sections for Photonuclear Reactions in the Region of a Giant Resonance V. V. Varlamov, B. S. Ishkhanov, N. N. Peskov, M. E. Stepanov, and I. A. Pshenichnov pp. 2122-2133 Full Text: PDF (316 kB) Theory Channel-Coupling Contribution to the Widths of Decay Nuclear States and to Their Wave Functions S. G. Kadmensky pp. 2134-2138 Full Text: PDF (145 kB) Investigation of Low-Lying Levels of the 48Be Nucleus in the Multiquantum Approximation of the Orthogonal Scheme K. I. Yankauskas pp. 2139-2147 Full Text: PDF (202 kB) Nonrelativistic Description of Nucleon–Nucleus Scattering M. M. Mirabutalybov pp. 2148-2153 Full Text: PDF (196 kB) Carcass Functions in Variational Calculations for Few-Body Systems A. G. Donchev, S. A. Kalachev, N. N. Kolesnikov, and V. I. Tarasov pp. 2154-2165 Full Text: PDF (277 kB) ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS Experiment Experimental Upper Limit on Diffractive Dissociation in Muon-Neutrino Interaction with Photoemulsion Nuclei According to Data of the E-128 Experiment (Protvino) O. K. Egorov and V. A. Ryabov pp. 2166-2168 Full Text: PDF (108 kB) General Features of Single-Spin Asymmetry in Inclusive Pion Production in Fixed-Target Experiments A. N. Vasiliev and V. V. Mochalov pp. 2169-2175 Full Text: PDF (174 kB) Properties of Backscattered Particles Produced by Protons of Energy above 1 TeV in an Iron Absorber D. M. Podorozhnyi, I. D. Rapoport, and A. N. Turundaevsky pp. 2176-2182 Full Text: PDF (268 kB) Contribution of Excited Nuclei 12C* to the Channel of Three-Alpha-Particle Production in 16Op Collisions at a Momentum of 3.25 GeV/c per Nucleon E. Kh. Bazarov, V. V. Glagolev, K. G. Gulamov, V. V. Lugovoy, S. L. Lutpullaev, K. Olimov, E. Turumov, A. A. Yuldashev, and B. S. Yuldashev pp. 2183-2187 Full Text: PDF (169 kB) Theory New Approach to Nonlinear Electrodynamics: Dualities as Symmetries of Interaction E. A. Ivanov and B. M. Zupnik pp. 2188-2199 Full Text: PDF (246 kB) Induced Double-Beta Processes in Electron Fluxes as Resonance Reactions in Weak Interaction Yu. V. Gaponov pp. 2200-2208 Full Text: PDF (195 kB) Study of Anomalous Couplings of Gauge Bosons in the Reaction e–gamma-->W–nu-->[script-l] nu-bar nu D. A. Anipko, I. F. Ginzburg, and A. V. Pak pp. 2209-2215 Full Text: PDF (216 kB) Proton Structure Functions over the Entire Kinematical Region A. A. Petrukhin and D. A. Timashkov pp. 2216-2226 Full Text: PDF (281 kB) Independent pi–-Meson Production in pp Interactions A. I. Golokhvastov pp. 2227-2244 Full Text: PDF (555 kB) Solving the Relativistic Inverse Scattering Problem with Allowance for Inelasticity Effects on the Basis of N/D Equations and Application of the Resulting Solution to an Analysis of Nucleon–Nucleon Interaction A. N. Safronov and A. A. Safronov pp. 2245-2259 Full Text: PDF (337 kB) Fermions in Random Gauge Fields and Chiral-Symmetry Breaking V. Ch. Zhukovsky and O. V. Tarasov pp. 2260-2271 Full Text: PDF (292 kB) LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Collinearity in Channels Involving the Production of Three or Four Alpha Particles in 16Op Collisions at 3.25 GeV/c per Nucleon E. Kh. Bazarov, V. V. Glagolev, K. G. Gulamov, V. V. Lugovoy, S. L. Lutpullaev, K. Olimov, A. A. Yuldashev, B. S. Yuldashev, and Kh. Sh. Khamidov pp. 2272-2273 Full Text: PDF (112 kB) FUTURE PUBLICATIONS Future Publications pp. 2274-2279 Full Text: PDF (153 kB)