Leading the Way: Transfer Students Connect to Purchase College by Taking Action

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Vespo, Paul J.
Rivera, Sullybeth
Transfer Students , Leadership
Transfer students often struggle with the development of active engagement with their new campuses (Terris, 2008). Dawson and Dell (1997) suggest that transfer programs should be used to support students during the first semester of transfer. In 2013 we participated in a Social Action Leadership Seminar for transfer students. We identified problems in the college relevant to us, surveyed current transfer students at the college, wrote grant proposals, and developed interventions. The issues addressed by our group included the following: 1) Improve the Purchase College mobile app; 2) Improve activities and orientation for transfer students; and 3) Create informational materials for new students. In this poster we will: 1) Present our findings regarding the challenges faced by transfer students at Purchase College; 2) Present data about the success of students who have participated in the Social Action Leadership Seminar for transfer students; 3) Describe the interventions that we developed; and 4) Discuss the aspects of our interventions that seem promising as well as the challenges we have faced.