JETP Letters V. 69, I .03

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
JETP Letters
JETP Letters -- February 10, 1999 Volume 69, Issue 3, pp. 169-280 FIELDS, PARTICLES, AND NUCLEI Abelian dyons in the maximal Abelian projection of SU(2) gluodynamics M. N. Chernodub, F. V. Gubarev, and M. I. Polikarpov Full Text: PDF (85 kB) Effective monopole potential for SU(2) lattice gluodynamics in the spatial maximal Abelian gauge M. N. Chernodub, M. I. Polikarpov, and A. I. Veselov Full Text: PDF (88 kB) The polarization of radiation in single crystals in the semiclassical approach S. M. Darbinyan and N. L. Ter-Isaakyan Full Text: PDF (122 kB) Precocious asymptopia for charm from the running BFKL N. N. Nikolaev and V. R. Zoller Full Text: PDF (109 kB) Total rates of nuclear capture of negative muons in the isotopes 132Xe and 40Ar T. N. Mamedov, V. G. Grebinnik, K. I. Gritsai, V. N. Duginov, V. A. Zhukov, V. G. Ol'shevskii, and A. V. Stoikov Full Text: PDF (56 kB) CONDENSED MATTER Low-field electrodynamics of polycrystalline ternary molybdenum chalcogenides S. L. Ginzburg, I. D. Luzyanin, I. R. Metskhvarishvili, É. G. Tarovik, and V. P. Khavronin Full Text: PDF (99 kB) Anisotropic negative magnetoresistance in one-dimensional channels of porous silicon A. I. Yakimov and A. V. Dvurechenskii Full Text: PDF (84 kB) Interference ionization of an impurity by an electric field in a system of quantum wells Yu. A. Aleshchenko, I. P. Kazakov, V. V. Kapaev, Yu. V. Kopaev, N. V. Kornyakov, and A. E. Tyurin Full Text: PDF (93 kB) Observation of fractional harmonics in the NMR signal from superfluid 3He-B V. V. Dmitriev, I. V. Kosarev, and D. V. Ponarin Full Text: PDF (92 kB) Magnetic susceptibility and characteristic features of the electronic structure of quasicrystalline alloys A. F. Prekul, N. Yu. Kuz'min, and N. I. Shchegolikhina Full Text: PDF (132 kB) Raman scattering in germanium at high pressure: isotope effects Yu. A. Timofeev, B. V. Vinogradov, and S. M. Stishov Full Text: PDF (61 kB) On the role of umklapp processes in the scattering of delocalized positronium by acoustic phonons in ionic crystals I. V. Bondarev Full Text: PDF (100 kB) Flexoelectric polarization in nematic liquid crystals measured by a field on–off pyroelectric technique L. M. Blinov, M. Ozaki, and K. Yoshino Full Text: PDF (82 kB) Short-pitch helicoidal modes in antiferroelectric liquid crystals and scattering of resonant x rays M. V. Gorkunov, S. A. Pikin, and W. Haase Full Text: PDF (74 kB) Resonance energy transfer from a semiconductor quantum dot to an organic matrix V. M. Agranovich and D. M. Basko Full Text: PDF (84 kB) Suppression of the equilibrium tunneling current between slightly disordered two-dimensional electron systems with different electron concentrations in a high magnetic field Yu. V. Dubrovskii, E. E. Vdovin, Yu. N. Khanin, V. G. Popov, D. K. Maude, J.-C. Portal, J. K. Maan, T. G. Andersson, and S. Wang Full Text: PDF (91 kB) Surface electron scattering in d-wave superconductors A. A. Golubov and M. Yu. Kupriyanov Full Text: PDF (119 kB) Strong and weak modes in polytypes of SiC L. A. Fal'kovskii and J. Camassel Full Text: PDF (89 kB) MISCELLANEOUS Kinetics of muonium formation in liquid helium E. L. Kosarev and E. P. Krasnoperov Full Text: PDF (123 kB)