Doklady Physics V. 49, I. 09

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Doklady Physics
Doklady Physics -- September 2004 Volume 49, Issue 9, pp. 491-547 PHYSICS Bragg Reflection as a Mechanism of Light Localization in One-Dimensional Systems A. P. Vinogradov and A. M. Merzlikin pp. 491-493 Full Text: PDF (49 kB) Mechanism of the Appearance of Ball Lightning from Usual Lightning V. P. Torchigin pp. 494-496 Full Text: PDF (39 kB) Dust Particles in a Track Plasma Produced by a Proton Beam V. E. Fortov, V. A. Rykov, V. I. Vladimirov, L. V. Deputatova, V. I. Molotkov, O. F. Petrov, V. S. Filinov, A. P. Budnik, P. P. D'yachenko, K. V. Rykov, and A. V. Khudyakov pp. 497-500 Full Text: PDF (227 kB) Statistical Laws of Macroprocesses: Random Walks in the Momentum Space G. S. Golitsyn pp. 501-504 Full Text: PDF (48 kB) Suppression of Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmodes by the Density Gradient of Hot Ions in Tokamaks A. B. Mikhailovskii, M. S. Shirokov, S. V. Konovalov, and V. S. Tsypin pp. 505-507 Full Text: PDF (53 kB) Self-Consistent Description of Charged-Particle Flux Catastrophes N. D. Naumov pp. 508-511 Full Text: PDF (53 kB) Optical-Radiation Power Limiting in High-Scattering Media S. A. Tereshchenko and V. M. Podgaetskii pp. 512-515 Full Text: PDF (59 kB) An Effect of Defects in Nonmetallic Sublattice on Properties of Titanium Carbide A. V. Elyutin, A. V. Manukhin, G. A. Kupreeva, and P. B. Lopatin pp. 516-518 Full Text: PDF (33 kB) TECHNICAL PHYSICS The Use of Severe Deformations for Preparing Bulk Nanocrystalline Materials from Amorphous Alloys R. Z. Valiev, V. G. Pushin, D. V. Gunderov, and A. G. Popov pp. 519-521 Full Text: PDF (249 kB) MECHANICS Bifurcations under Perturbations Violating Cosymmetry V. I. Yudovich pp. 522-526 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) Flight Overloading Effect on the Working-Process Instability in the Combustion Chamber of a Solid-Fuel Rocket Engine Yu. M. Davydov, I. M. Davydova, and M. Yu. Egorov pp. 527-529 Full Text: PDF (48 kB) On the Optimal Structure of the Arterial Wall S. N. Bagaev, V. N. Zakharov, A. L. Markel, A. E. Medvedev, V. A. Orlov, V. I. Samsonov, and V. M. Fomin pp. 530-533 Full Text: PDF (123 kB) An Approach to Solving the Problems on Interaction between Elastic Bodies in the Presence of Adhesion I. G. Goryacheva and Yu. Yu. Makhovskaya pp. 534-538 Full Text: PDF (73 kB) On Particle's Trajectories of Moon-to-Earth Space Flights with the Gravitational Escape from the Lunar Attraction V. V. Ivashkin pp. 539-542 Full Text: PDF (58 kB) A Model of the Helical Pulsed Flow of Blood in Arteries Yu. A. Ustinov pp. 543-547 Full Text: PDF (61 kB)