A Normative Architecture for an Online Agent-Based Healthcare System

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Bhaiya, Neha
Novillo, Jorge; Advisor
Rezk, Mohamed; Reviewer
Body Area Network Sensors , Wearable Technology , Healthcare Technology , Multi-Agent System , Online Healthcare System , Internet of Things , Health Monitoring Technology , Biometric Data Analysis
In this thesis, we envisage an opportunistic Multi-Agent System (MAS) system in Health Care Domain by using wearable and ingestible body sensors. This thesis develops an integrated and an emergent normative logical collection, computation and communication architecture providing a foundation plane for a total healthcare system based on Body Area Network sensors under the supervision of a physician or a team of physicians. Such an online healthcare system as yet does not exist; this thesis anticipates the necessary framework an online healthcare system need to proceed in the near future. The thesis is centered upon the notion of an anomalous system state that may arise owing to temporal anomalous behavior of one or more locally monitored state variables. The system that is envisaged in this thesis is an anomaly-driven event-oriented system triggering doctor’s office for further action if and when such a system enters into a state of anomaly. The data is constantly monitored for anomalous pattern by an ‘Intelligent Server’ which intimates the user’s physician upon receiving an anomalous data like sudden drop in blood pressure, pulse and other vital statistics. The physician then alerts the patient of a declining reading, or calls for emergency services and decides if the patient needs to be admitted in the hospital. We discuss our proposed system architecture for the same.
Master of Science Thesis in Computer Science and Information Sciences Department, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica NY. Approved and recommended for acceptance as a Thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Computer and Information Science.