The relationships between extraversion, self-actualization, and wilderness solitude attainment for participants in a wilderness solo experience

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Bochniak, Joshua
Solitude. , Self-actualization (Psychology) , Extraversion. , Wilderness area users. , Philosophy of nature.
The purpose was to examine relationships between individual personality indicators and wilderness solitude attainment, to inform the wilderness solo program design based on quality of experience for different types of people. 64 female and male incoming college students participated in a 12-day backcountry canoe and backpacking trip in fall 2006, and this study examined their wilderness solitude experience during the solo portion. The study used results of a questionnaire measuring extraversion, self-actualization, and wilderness solitude attainment for quantitative analysis plus two focus group sessions for qualitative analysis. Results from the Big Five Inventory (BFI-E) and the Short Index of Self-Actualization (SISA) were correlated with each other and individually with portions of the Wilderness Solitude Experience survey which comprised a Wilderness Solitude Attainment Scale (WSAS). Analysis revealed low correlation between level of extraversion and wilderness solitude attainment; no correlation between self-actualization and wilderness solitude attainment; and low correlation between extraversion and self-actualization. Participants experienced the hypothesized four solitude elements, in the following order of decreasing frequency: intellectual and spiritual elements; isolation; physical and personal freedom; and emotional restoration.
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