Physics of the Solid State V. 44, I. 10

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Physics of the Solid State
Physics of the Solid State -- October 2002 Volume 44, Issue 10, pp. 1809-2012 REVIEWS Electromagnetic and Fluctuation-Electromagnetic Forces of Interaction of Moving Particles and Nanoprobes with Surfaces: A Nonrelativistic Consideration G. V. Dedkov and A. A. Kyasov pp. 1809-1832 Full Text: PDF (251 kB) METALS AND SUPERCONDUCTORS Band Structure of ZrB2, VB2, NbB2, and TaB2 Hexagonal Diborides: Comparison with Superconducting MgB2 I. R. Shein and A. L. Ivanovskii pp. 1833-1839 Full Text: PDF (288 kB) Effect of Ion Irradiation on the Upper Critical Magnetic Field in Electronic and Hole d-Wave Superconductors N. P. Shabanova, S. I. Krasnosvobodtsev, A. V. Varlashkin, and A. I. Golovashkin pp. 1840-1844 Full Text: PDF (77 kB) SEMICONDUCTORS AND DIELECTRICS Thermopower of Lead Chalcogenides at High Pressures V. V. Shchennikov, S. V. Ovsyannikov, and A. Yu. Derevskov pp. 1845-1849 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) Electrophysical Properties and Electronic Structure of Tin-Doped Antimony Telluride I. V. Gasenkova, M. K. Zhitinskaya, S. A. Nemov, and L. D. Ivanova pp. 1850-1853 Full Text: PDF (69 kB) Secondary Anti-Stokes Emission from the Bulk of Gallium Phosphide at 4.2 K V. S. Gorelik, A. L. Karuzskii, and P. P. Sverbil' pp. 1854-1858 Full Text: PDF (92 kB) On the Role Played by Bending Vibrations in Heat Transfer in Layered Crystals N. A. Abdullaev, R. A. Suleimanov, M. A. Aldzhanov, and L. N. Alieva pp. 1859-1863 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) Nonempirical Quantum-Chemical Calculation of the Electric Field Gradient at the 51V Nucleus Sites in Alkali Metavanadates L. S. Vorotilova, L. V. Dmitrieva, S. A. Lavrov, and B. F. Shchegolev pp. 1864-1868 Full Text: PDF (76 kB) Second Harmonic Generation and Rectification of Space-Charge Waves in Photorefractive Crystals V. V. Bryksin and M. P. Petrov pp. 1869-1879 Full Text: PDF (123 kB) DEFECTS, DISLOCATIONS, AND PHYSICS OF STRENGTH Method for Estimating Local Lattice Distortions near a Magnetic Ion Based on the Parameters of the Ligand Hyperfine Interaction: Ce3+ in the Fluorite Homologous Series Ts. A. Gavasheli, D. M. Daraseliya, D. L. Dzhaparidze, R. I. Mirianashvili, O. V. Romelashvili, and T. I. Sanadze pp. 1880-1884 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) Motion of Dislocations through Ensembles of Forest Dislocations and Point Obstacles upon the Simultaneous Action of Static and Cyclic Loads B. M. Loginov, A. N. Proskurnin, and E. V. Vershinin pp. 1885-1888 Full Text: PDF (50 kB) MAGNETISM AND FERROELECTRICITY Electron Transport in Granular Amorphous Silicon Dioxide Films with Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles Placed in a Magnetic Field L. V. Lutsev, Yu. E. Kalinin, A. V. Sitnikov, and O. V. Stognei pp. 1889-1897 Full Text: PDF (283 kB) Bismuth-Induced Enhancement of Magneto-Optical Effects in Iron Garnets: A Theoretical Analysis A. S. Moskvin and A. V. Zenkov pp. 1898-1906 Full Text: PDF (108 kB) The Nature of Anomalies in the Magnetoresistance of Antiferromagnetic YBa2Cu3O6 + x A. S. Moskvin and Yu. D. Panov pp. 1907-1915 Full Text: PDF (115 kB) Charge Segregation and a Nonuniform Magnetic State in Donor- and Acceptor-Doped LaMnO3 N. N. Loshkareva, A. V. Korolev, T. I. Arbuzova, N. I. Solin, N. A. Viglin, I. B. Smolyak, N. G. Bebenin, Yu. P. Sukhorukov, S. V. Naumov, N. V. Kostromitina, and A. M. Balbashov pp. 1916-1924 Full Text: PDF (125 kB) Magnetic Properties of FexMn1 – xS Sulfides Exhibiting the Magnetoresistive Effect G. A. Petrakovskii, L. I. Ryabinkina, G. M. Abramova, A. D. Balaev, O. B. Romanova, G. I. Makovetskii, K. I. Yanushkevich, and A. I. Galyas pp. 1925-1928 Full Text: PDF (67 kB) Piezoelectric Properties of Crystals of Some Protein Aminoacids and Their Related Compounds V. V. Lemanov, S. N. Popov, and G. A. Pankova pp. 1929-1935 Full Text: PDF (112 kB) LATTICE DYNAMICS AND PHASE TRANSITIONS Manifestation of Quantum Statistics in Vibrational Dynamics of Poly(ethylene) Crystals A. I. Slutsker, V. I. Vettegren, V. L. Gilyarov, G. Dadobaev, V. B. Kulik, and L. S. Titenkov pp. 1936-1943 Full Text: PDF (99 kB) Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectrum and Transition from the Incommensurate Phase to the Commensurate Phase of a Crystal M. A. Popov pp. 1944-1948 Full Text: PDF (59 kB) Effect of Hydrostatic and Chemical Pressure on BaF2 and BaF2 : Eu2+ Crystals A. E. Nikiforov, A. Yu. Zakharov, V. A. Chernyshev, M. Yu. Ugryumov, and S. V. Kotomanov pp. 1949-1953 Full Text: PDF (62 kB) A Study of the Phase Diagrams of (NH4)3Ga1 – xScxF6 Ammonium Cryolites M. V. Gorev, I. N. Flerov, A. Tressaud, D. Denu, A. I. Zaitsev, and V. D. Fokina pp. 1954-1960 Full Text: PDF (98 kB) The Influence of Deuteration on the Phase Transitions in (NH4)3Me3+F6 Cryolites (Me3+ = Sc and Ga) I. N. Flerov, M. V. Gorev, M. L. Afanas'ev, and T. V. Ushakova pp. 1961-1966 Full Text: PDF (82 kB) Optical and X-ray Diffraction Investigations of the Symmetry of Distorted Phases of the (NH4)2KGaF6 Crystal S. V. Mel'nikova, S. V. Misyul', A. F. Bovina, and M. L. Afanas'ev pp. 1967-1971 Full Text: PDF (80 kB) Crystal Structure of Diserinesulfate Monohydrate Yu. I. Smolin, A. E. Lapshin, and I. A. Drozdova pp. 1972-1975 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS AND SURFACE PHYSICS Optical Vibration Modes in (Cd, Pb, Zn)S Quantum Dots in the Langmuir–Blodgett Matrix A. G. Milekhin, L. L. Sveshnikova, S. M. Repinskii, A. K. Gutakovskii, M. Friedrich, and D. R. T. Zahn pp. 1976-1980 Full Text: PDF (204 kB) The Normal Mode Spectrum in a Two-Dimensional Lattice of Neutral Atoms A. V. Okomel'kov pp. 1981-1987 Full Text: PDF (103 kB) Dispersionless Polaritons at Symmetrically Oriented Surfaces of Biaxial Crystals V. I. Alshits and V. N. Lyubimov pp. 1988-1992 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) POLYMERS AND LIQUID CRYSTALS Dipole Moment and Mobility of Molecules in Nematic Liquid Crystals of the 4-n-Butyl Ester of [4[prime]-n-Hexyloxyphenyl] Benzoic Acid in the Absence of External Orienting Fields T. P. Stepanova, A. É. Bursian, and V. M. Denisov pp. 1993-2000 Full Text: PDF (106 kB) FULLERENES AND ATOMIC CLUSTERS Small-Angle X-ray Scattering in a Carbon–Sulfur Nanocomposite Produced from Bulk Nanoporous Carbon É. A. Smorgonskaya, R. N. Kyutt, V. B. Shuman, A. M. Danishevskii, S. K. Gordeev, and A. V. Grechinskaya pp. 2001-2008 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) Effect of Magnetic Field on the Microplastic Strain Rate for C60 Single Crystals B. I. Smirnov, V. V. Shpeizman, N. N. Peschanskaya, and R. K. Nikolaev pp. 2009-2012 Full Text: PDF (51 kB)