Computer/Internet Crime

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Noble, James
The major purpose of the research project was to explore if internet/computer crime was increasing in Livingston County, how to effectively investigate these crimes, is specialized training is needed, and what type of training is needed. This was based upon the alternate hypothesis that internet/computer crime was not increasing or internet crime is increasing and training is needed. Therefore, the project was designed to determine if internet/computer crime is increasing in Livingston County, specialized training is need to effectively investigate these types of crime and the creation of a specialized multiagency fraud unit. The findings revealed several key points that internet/computer crime is increasing, the local law enforcement agencies have not developed or researched preventative strategies on internet crime. The respective villages and towns need to increase funding to their law enforcement agency so that agency can provide specialized training on internet/computer crime, the creation of an investigators position and development of a multiagency internet/computer crime investigation unit. Several conclusions were drawn from the culmination of the research as follows law enforcement agencies need to cooperate with other local, state and federal agencies to provide the best training and investigations of internet/computer crime. These same agencies must work cooperatively with privately owned financial institutions to effective investigate and reduce internet crime. The recommendations that the research supported that law enforcement agencies in Livingston County provide specialized training to all their staff. This training be provided by specialized organizations and/or local police training facilities using highly qualified trainers.
Criminal Justice and Urban Panel presentation