Semiconductors V. 34, I. 05

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Semiconductors -- May 2000 Volume 34, Issue 5, pp. 495-613 ATOMIC STRUCTURE AND NONELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Interaction between Copper and Antimony in a Solid Solution Based on Germanium with the Formation of a Charged Complex V. M. Glazov and A. Ya. Potemkin pp. 495-501 Full Text: PDF (86 kB) Special Features of the Sublimational Molecular-Beam Epitaxy of Si and Its Potentialities for Growing Si:Er/Si Structures V. P. Kuznetsov and R. A. Rubtsova pp. 502-509 Full Text: PDF (118 kB) The Influence of Electrically Inactive Impurities on the Formation of Donor Centers in Silicon Layers Implanted with Erbium O. V. Aleksandrov, A. O. Zakhar'in, N. A. Sobolev, and Yu. A. Nikolaev pp. 510-513 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) ELECTRONIC AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Carbon-Stimulated Increase in the Concentration of Gallium Divacancies in Semi-Insulating Undoped GaAs Crystals K. D. Glinchuk, N. M. Litovchenko, A. V. Prokhorovich, and O. N. Stril'chuk pp. 514-516 Full Text: PDF (44 kB) Effect of Diffusion Length and Surface Recombination on the Photopleochroism of Anisotropic Crystals G. A. Medvedkin pp. 517-520 Full Text: PDF (62 kB) Effect of Diffusion Length and Surface Recombination on the Polarization Quantum Efficiency of Anisotropic Crystals G. A. Medvedkin pp. 521-524 Full Text: PDF (51 kB) Thermoelectric Power of the n-InSb in a Transverse Quantizing Magnetic Field at a Large Temperature Gradient M. M. Gadzhialiev pp. 525-526 Full Text: PDF (34 kB) Influence of Annealing on the Dislocation-Related Electrical Conductivity of Germanium S. A. Shevchenko pp. 527-533 Full Text: PDF (207 kB) Optical Spectroscopy of Excitonic States in CuInSe2 A. V. Mudryi, M. V. Yakushev, R. D. Tomlinson, A. E. Hill, R. D. Pilkington, I. V. Bodnar', I. A. Viktorov, V. F. Gremenok, I. A. Shakin, and A. I. Patuk pp. 534-537 Full Text: PDF (58 kB) Effect of Uniaxial Deformation on Electrophysical Parameters of 6H-SiC p–n Structures A. A. Lebedev pp. 538-540 Full Text: PDF (47 kB) Deep-Level Centers in Undoped p-GaAs Layers Grown by Liquid Phase Epitaxy L. S. Berman, V. G. Danil'chenko, V. I. Korol'kov, and F. Yu. Soldatenkov pp. 541-544 Full Text: PDF (58 kB) SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES, INTERFACES, AND SURFACES Photocapacitance Effect in a Monopolar Metal–Insulator–Semiconductor Capacitor at Low Temperatures N. A. Penin pp. 545-549 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) Conditions for Negative Differential Resistance and Switching in a Tunnel Diode under the Effect of an External Microwave Signal D. A. Usanov, A. V. Skripal', N. V. Ugryumova, S. B. Venig, and V. E. Orlov pp. 550-554 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) Hot Carrier Electromotive Force Caused by Surface Potential Modulation in a Strong Microwave Field G. Gulyamov, M. G. Dadamirzaev, and S. R. Boidedaev pp. 555-557 Full Text: PDF (50 kB) Photosensitivity of Thin-Film Structures Based on (CuInSe2)x(2ZnSe)1 – x Solid Solutions V. Yu. Rud', Yu. V. Rud', R. N. Bekimbetov, V. F. Gremenok, I. V. Bodnar', and L. V. Rusak pp. 558-562 Full Text: PDF (79 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS Shallow Acceptors in Strained Ge/Ge1 – xSix Heterostructures with Quantum Wells V. Ya. Aleshkin, B. A. Andreev, V. I. Gavrilenko, I. V. Erofeeva, D. V. Kozlov, and O. A. Kuznetsov pp. 563-567 Full Text: PDF (69 kB) Exciton Energy States and Photoluminescence Spectra of the Strained-Layer ZnS–ZnSe Superlattices N. V. Bondar', V. V. Tishchenko, and M. S. Brodin pp. 568-574 Full Text: PDF (101 kB) Zero-Phonon and Dipole Gamma–X Electron Transitions in GaAs/AlAs Quantum-Well Heterostructures in a Longitudinal Electric Field V. Ya. Aleshkin and A. A. Andronov pp. 575-582 Full Text: PDF (108 kB) On the Spectra of Electrons and Holes in an Open Spherical Nanoheterostructure (through the Example of GaAs/AlxGa1 – xAs/GaAs) N. V. Tkach, V. A. Holovatsky, and O. N. Voitsekhivska pp. 583-588 Full Text: PDF (80 kB) Study of Decay of Elastically Strained Germanium Film at the Silicon Surface I. V. Zakurdaev, M. V. Baizer, S. Yu. Sadof'ev, and M. M. Rzaev pp. 589-593 Full Text: PDF (269 kB) Stacked InAs/InGaAs Quantum Dot Heterostructures for Optical Sources Emitting in the 1.3 µm Wavelength Range N. A. Maleev, A. E. Zhukov, A. R. Kovsh, S. S. Mikhrin, V. M. Ustinov, D. A. Bedarev, B. V. Volovik, I. L. Krestnikov, I. N. Kayander, V. A. Odnoblyudov, A. A. Suvorova, A. F. Tsatsul'nikov, Yu. M. Shernyakov, N. N. Ledentsov, P. S. Kop'ev, Zh. I. Alferov, and D. Bimberg pp. 594-597 Full Text: PDF (150 kB) AMORPHOUS, VITREOUS, AND POROUS SEMICONDUCTORS Current–Voltage Characteristics of Electroluminescent Me/(a-Si:H):Er/c-Si Structures Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering P. A. Ivanov, O. I. Kon'kov, and E. I. Terukov pp. 598-602 Full Text: PDF (75 kB) Charge-Carrier Transport in a Double-Collector Magnetotransistor M. A. Glauberman, V. V. Kozel, and A. V. Nakhabin pp. 603-605 Full Text: PDF (47 kB) PHYSICS OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES A Method for Modulation of the Charge-Carrier Mobility in a Semiconductor V. V. Novikov, R. R. Vardanyan, and É. E. Pakhomov pp. 606-608 Full Text: PDF (44 kB) Power Conversion Efficiency of Quantum Dot Laser Diodes A. E. Zhukov, A. R. Kovsh, S. S. Mikhrin, N. A. Maleev, V. A. Odnoblyudov, V. M. Ustinov, Yu. M. Shernyakov, E. Yu. Kondrat'eva, D. A. Livshits, I. S. Tarasov, N. N. Ledentsov, P. S. Kop'ev, Zh. I. Alferov, and D. Bimberg pp. 609-613 Full Text: PDF (63 kB)