Use of the Renewable Energy Lab (Lucas-Nuelle) simulations of Renewable Energy Generation to foster Student learning in "Energy , Sustainability and Environment " class (ENV101)

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Kivman, Lee
Issapour, Marjaneh
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , Renewable Energy Lab at Farmingdale State University , Environmental Studies , Energy, Sustainability and Environment (ENV101) - Farmingdale State College
"Renewable Energy Generations is an essential component of any environmental studies as well as Energy/Renewable- Energy Engineering education. It is not possible to use the real systems in these programs unless the campuses own and operate renewable generations. Even then, it is at best a demonstration project. The Renewable Energy Laboratory (REL) by Lucas-Nuelle proposed for use in this proposal is an excellent, pioneering teaching system for the complex issues of tomorrow’s energy supply .We aim at using REL to improve students' learning experience in the Energy, Sustainability and Environment (ENV101 - which is currently being offered as part of Environmental Studies concentration on campus ( ). Specifically, we have the following objectives: i) to help the students complete the applied learning projects in a manageable way; ii) to design simulation demos that can be used in lectures to help the students understand the course materials; and iii) to reach out to high school students with some of the demonstration projects build using REL in order to promote their interests in studying STEM in college. Various assessment methods will be used to evaluate the project outcomes, based on which we will further improve and sustain the activities proposed in this project."
Using Renewable Energy Laboratory (REL) simulator to design manageable hands-on/Applied Learning components in an introductory energy and environment course, to help deepen student learning of renewable energy generation, both challenges and benefits.