Technical Physics V. 48, I. 02

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Technical Physics -- February 2003 Volume 48, Issue 2, pp. 133-273 THEORETICAL AND MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS Random Walk of a Particle in a Semiregularly Moving Plastic Medium V. A. Antonov and A. S. Baranov pp. 133-137 Full Text: PDF (63 kB) Generalization of the Hecke Theorem for the Nonlinear Boltzmann Collision Integral in the Axisymmetric Case A. Ya. Énder and I. A. Énder pp. 138-145 Full Text: PDF (91 kB) On the Interaction of Point Charges in an Arbitrary Domain A. Silbergleit, I. Nemenman, and I. Mandel pp. 146-151 Full Text: PDF (77 kB) GASES AND LIQUIDS On Internal Mode Resonance in a Nonlinearly Vibrating Volumetrically Charged Dielectric Drop S. O. Shiryaeva pp. 152-164 Full Text: PDF (188 kB) Analytical Solution of the Generalized Smoluchowski Problem Using a New Model Kinetic Equation A. V. Latyshev and A. A. Yushkanov pp. 165-171 Full Text: PDF (82 kB) Determination of Hydrodynamic Drag from a Trajectory of Inertial Ship Motion A. S. Devyatisilny, V. M. Dorozhko, and V. M. Grinyak pp. 172-176 Full Text: PDF (75 kB) Local Effect of Electric and Magnetic Fields on the Position of an Attached Shock in a Supersonic Diffuser S. V. Bobashev, R. V. Vasil'eva, A. V. Erofeev, T. A. Lapushkina, S. A. Poniaev, and D. M. Van Wie pp. 177-184 Full Text: PDF (320 kB) Cluster Model of a Gas L. I. Kurlapov pp. 185-189 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) GAS DISCHARGES, PLASMA Simulations of Plasma Formation in the Cathode Sheath of an Efficient Excimer Lamp A. N. Tkachev and S. I. Yakovlenko pp. 190-198 Full Text: PDF (119 kB) Increase in the Power of Arc Cesium–Oxygen Thermionic Converters with Tungsten Electrodes at Elevated Emitter Temperatures V. P. Kobyakov and A. G. Kalandarishvili pp. 199-204 Full Text: PDF (76 kB) Spatial Structure of the Lower Mode of Ion-Acoustic Instability in the Plasma of a High-Current Ion Laser V. I. Donin, V. A. Ivanov, V. V. Pikalov, and D. V. Yakovin pp. 205-208 Full Text: PDF (94 kB) SOLIDS On Magnetic Field Penetration into a Granulated Superconductor M. V. Belodedov and S. V. Chernykh pp. 209-214 Full Text: PDF (94 kB) Fractal Characteristics of the Surface of Tungsten Carbide–Manganese Steel Composite after Plastic Deformation I. N. Sevostjanova and S. N. Kulkov pp. 215-218 Full Text: PDF (218 kB) SOLID-STATE ELECTRONICS Effect of Hydrogen on the Photoelectric Properties of Palladium/Anodic Oxide/Gallium Arsenide Schottky Diodes S. V. Tikhov, E. L. Shobolov, V. V. Podol'skiy, and S. B. Levichev pp. 219-224 Full Text: PDF (159 kB) Diffusion Degradation Model for a Heterogeneous Photoconducting System V. É. Bukharov, A. G. Rokakh, and S. V. Stetsyura pp. 225-230 Full Text: PDF (73 kB) ACOUSTIC, ACOUSTOELECTRONICS Theory of an SAW Filter Operating in Weakly Coupled Resonance Modes V. F. Dmitriev pp. 231-238 Full Text: PDF (102 kB) ELECTRON AND ION BEAMS, ACCELERATORS Diagnostics of a Hollow Relativistic Electron Beam from the Transfer Function of a Converting Target N. G. Mordasov pp. 239-244 Full Text: PDF (70 kB) Generation of Electron Beams in a Multicathode Secondary-Emission Source N. I. Aizatskii, V. N. Boriskin, A. N. Dovbnya, V. V. Zakutin, V. A. Kushnir, V. A. Mitrochenko, N. G. Reshetnyak, V. P. Romas'ko, Yu. Ya. Volkolupov, and M. A. Krasnogolovets pp. 245-249 Full Text: PDF (216 kB) SURFACES, ELECTRON AND ION EMISSION Variety of LaSrMnO Structures Induced by Growth Conditions and Laser Irradiation Z. A. Samoilenko, V. D. Okunev, E. I. Pushenko, T. A. D'yachenko, A. Cherenkov, P. Gierlowski, S. J. Lewandowski, A. Abal'oshev, A. Klimov, and A. Szewczyk pp. 250-256 Full Text: PDF (103 kB) EXPERIMENTAL INSTRUMENTS AND TECHNIQUES Influence of Laser Irradiation with hnu = 1.96 eV on the Properties of Titanium–Silicon Contact under Thermal Annealing in Nitrogen I. S. Nuprienok and A. N. Shibko pp. 257-260 Full Text: PDF (137 kB) BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS Inhomogeneous SiOx<Fe> Metal-Dielectric Films as a Material for Infrared Thermal Radiation Detectors E. V. Michailovskaya, I. Z. Indutnyy, and P. E. Shepeliavyi pp. 261-264 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) Electroluminescent Sources of Light Based on ZnSe : Mn Single Crystals with Optimum Brightness M. F. Bulanyi, A. V. Kovalenko, and B. A. Polezhaev pp. 265-266 Full Text: PDF (34 kB) Effective Nonchain HF Laser Excited by a Self-Sustained Discharge A. N. Panchenko, V. M. Orlovskii, and V. F. Tarasenko pp. 267-269 Full Text: PDF (51 kB) Resistance Law for Taylor–Couette Turbulent Flow at Very High Reynolds Numbers A. M. Balonishnikov pp. 270-271 Full Text: PDF (25 kB) Surface Tension of Pure Aluminum Melt Kh. Kh. Kalazhokov, Z. Kh. Kalazhokov, and Kh. B. Khokonov pp. 272-273 Full Text: PDF (34 kB)
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