Physical Education Teacher Certification Revisions

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Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies
College Resolution , Physical Education
Attached please find a revised proposal for the Physical Education Teacher Education Major. This proposal was approved last academic year, however, after it was approved the Professional Education Unit created a new class, PRO 370 Health and Drug Education for Teacher Candidates that will replace HLS 301 Principles of Healthy Living. In addition, after the proposal was approved, Health Science and Physical Education agreed that HLS 201 First Aid and CPR would no longer be offered as students will be given other non-credit bearing opportunities to obtain their First Aid and CPR certification. In terms of Physical Education, as noted in the new proposal, certification for First Aid and CPR will be met during PEP 476 Seminar in Student Teaching. As a result of these changes, this newly submitted proposal yields a reduction in credits by four. Since this change deals with change in credits, we have been told it must be resubmitted to Faculty Senate for approval even though the change is a reduction.
Accepted by President Halstead 12/13/07 - Effective Fall 2008
Resolution Number: 2006-2007_07
Academic Year: 2007-2008