Understanding the Role of Phosphorus in Lakes

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Bosch, Isidro
Makarewicz, Joseph C.
Brockport , Geneseo , Conesus Lake Association , Phosphorus , Zebra Mussels
We believe it is important to regard the lake proper as two separate habitats, the offshore and the coastal zone. Over the last 15 years conditions along the coastal zone in Conesus Lake have deteriorated significantly, following a trend that has been documented in the Great Lakes and other Finger Lakes after the invasion of zebra mussels. Meanwhile the offshore zone has remained mildly eutrophic over the last 25 years (high in nutrients and algal biomass). While this is an undesirable state in terms of water quality, monitoring data provides no indication that the offshore system is becoming increasingly eutrophic.
Acknowledgements: We thank the Uvingston County Planning Department, the Conesus Lake Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for their support of our research in and on Conesus Lake.