2017 Student Research Symposium (SRS) Abstract Book

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Undergraduate research , Student Research Symposium , Graduate research , Student scholarship
Isolation and Characterization of an Isaria Anti-Fungal Metabolite / Stephanie Hanna (Biochemistry) Faculty Mentor: Maureen Morrow (Biology) -- Using DNA Fingerprinting to Understand Songbird Family Structure / Reshma Gheevarghese (Cell/Molecular Biology (BS)) Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Waldo (Biology) -- DNA Analysis of Commercial Cat Foods to Investigate Accuracy of Labeled Ingredients / Jessica Siconolfi (Biochemistry) Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Waldo (Biology) -- Supplementation at Birdfeeders: A Preliminary Mealworm Study / Anthony Hollander (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology) -- An Examination of Historical Bird Data from Mohonk Preserve / Laura Stark (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology) -- Using Bird feeders to Study Bird Diversity on a Suburban Campus / Troy Ellick (Biology), Ciara Scully (Geography) Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology) -- Chickadee Habitat Preference in the Millbrook Preserve / Kelly Bade (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology) -- Bird Communities in Two Forest Fragments: Does Fragment Size Matter? / Aidan Mabey (SUNY New Paltz), Laura Stark (Biology), Troy Ellick (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology) -- Evolution of Rab GTPase proteins in Paramecium cells / Viraj Modi (Cellular & Molecular Biology) Faculty Mentor: Lydia Bright (Biology) -- When Axolotls Metamorphose: The Kinematics of Salamanders that Shouldn't Walk / Tobin Mathew (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology) -- The Effect of Modeled Microgravity on the Activation of Jurkat Cells / Laura Scarimbolo (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Maureen Morrow (Biology) -- The Effect of Atrazine on the Cytoskeletal Structure of Jurkat Cells / Ashley Fisher (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Maureen Morrow (SUNY New Paltz) -- Nosing out who can smell pungent asparagus metabolites / Miriam Marx (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Reinking (Biology) -- Lake Minnewaska Recovery from a Trophic Level Loss / Anthony Hollander (Biology), Heather Wander (Biology), Bruno Emma (Biology), Hailee Edwards (Biology), Deaja Green (Biology), Sawyer McFadden (Environmental Geochemical Science), Kayla Reid (Biochemistry) Faculty Mentor: David Richardson (Biology) -- Co-limitation of nitrogen and phosphorus as a bottom-up control on algal biomass / Hailee Edwards (Biology), Kayla Reid (Biochemistry), Emma Bruno (Biology), DeJae Green (Biology), Anthony Hollander (Biology), Sawyer McFadden (Environmental Geochemical Science), Heather Wander (Biology) Faculty Mentor: David Richardson (Biology) -- Verification of ingredient claims in commercial soap products via DNA extraction and analysis / Leesandra Lopez (Cellular/Molecular Biology) Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Waldo (Biology) -- The Printing of Three Dimensional Biochemical Models / Jamie Woych (Biochemistry), Christina Georgalas (Biochemistry) Faculty Mentor: Daniel Freedman (Science and Engineering) -- Synthesis of Versatile Starting Materials: The Iodo-Alcohols / Aakriti Ramayani (Biochemistry), Tianyu She (Biochemistry), Mackenzie Cummings (Biochemistry) Faculty Mentor: Preeti Dhar (Chemistry) -- Comparative Toxicity Of Heracleum And Psoralea Extracts / Brett Pinsky (Biochemsity), Tina Liu (Biochemistry), Cassidy King (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Preeti Dhar (Chemistry) Faculty Mentor: Maureen Morrow (Biology) -- The results of the brine shrimp bioassay as well as the progress of the toxicity assay using B16 murine melanoma cells will be presented. Developing a Method to Examine Steric Forces of Lipopolysaccharides by AFM / Nicolette Rigaud (Environmental Geochemical Science), Jessica Fortado (Chemistry), Alexa Criollo (Biochemistry) Faculty Mentor: Megan Ferguson (Chemistry) -- Analysis of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides Using Atomic Force Microscopy / Andrew Zlotnick (Chemistry) Faculty Mentor: Megan Ferguson (Chemistry) -- Quantifying Bisphenol A Absorption in Planaria and Studying its Effects on Planaria Regeneration / Abigail Fagan (Chemistry), Troy Moody (Biology) Faculty Mentor: Pamela St. John (Chemistry) Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology) -- Catalysis Of The Hydrolysis Of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Using Chaotropic Agents / Edward deRamon (Chemistry) Faculty Mentor: Daniel Freedman (Science and Engineering) -- Weather Data Analysis using MapReduce Based K-means Algorithm / Robert Wieland (Computer Science), Colin Wakeford (Computer Science) Faculty Mentor: Min Chen (Computer Science) -- Fossil Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions: An Environmental Kuznets Curve Analysis / William Anderson (Economics) Faculty Mentor: Mona Ali (Economics) -- The Effect of Minimum Wage on the Poverty Rate in California / Chris Jones (Economics) Faculty Mentor: Mona Ali (Economics) -- Reverence, Refuge, Despair, and Loss: Poetic Encounters with Nature / Zanyell Garmon (Education) Faculty Mentor: Mary Sawyer (Education) -- Political Representation of Women in the Mid-Hudson / Jaclyn Greco (Secondary Education - Mathematics) Faculty Mentor: kt Tobin (Associate Director of the Benjamin Center) -- Middle Devonian Plant Specimens of the Plattekill Fm., Shokan, NY / Kate Cushen (Biology/Geology) Faculty Mentor: Alexander Bartholomew (Geology) -- Sickness and Seduction in Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain / Alvina Ahmed (English, German (Literature, Language, and Cultures)) Faculty Mentor: Vanessa Plumly (German (Literature, Languages, and Culture)) -- Trans-space and Performance: Liminality and the Gender Relations in Mädchen in Uniform / Brianna Best (English) Faculty Mentor: Vanessa Plumly (Languages, Literatures & Cultures) -- Exploring Illegal Drug Policy Making in the United States / Arjeta Prenaj (International Relations) Faculty Mentor: Kate McCoy (Educational Studies and Leadership) -- Sums of Consecutive Polygonal Numbers / Samantha Wyler (mathematics) Faculty Mentor: Diego Dominici (Mathematics) -- Use of Digital Image Correlation to Find Material Properties of Carbon Fiber Composites / Christian Zoeger Boggiano (Mechanical Engineering), Jack Yang (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Jared W. Nelson (Div of Engineering Programs) -- Effect of Common Print Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of the Produced Parts / Jack Yang (Mechanical Engineering), christian zoeger (SUNY New Paltz), Dylan Atkins (Mechanical Engineering), Jeffrey Huang (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Jared W. Nelson (Div of Engineering Programs) -- Comparison of Mechanical Performance of 3D Printed Polymers to Injection Molding / Jeffrey Huang (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Jared Nelson (Div of Engineering Programs) -- Anisotropic Effects of Print Orientation on Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Polymers / Dylan Atkins (Mechanical Engineering), Matthew Gottstine (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Jared W. Nelson (Mechanical Engineering) -- Simulation of the Manufacturing Process of Foamed Cement / Julian Chipkin (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Kevin Shanley (Mechanical Engineering) -- Energy Efficiency Assessment of SUNY New Paltz Resnick Engineering Hall using Computer Software Program, eQUEST / Megan Gangewere (Mechanical Engineering), Kristen O'Sullivan (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Kevin Shanley (Mechanical Engineering) -- Examining the use of Super-critical Carbon Dioxide as a Refrigerant / Clewis Vaughn (Mechanical Engineering), Thomas Palombo (Mechanical Engineering), Joseph Palombo (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Rachmadian Wulandana (Mechanical Engineering) -- Sustainability Analysis of Renewable Energy Technologies on the Island of Batanta / Megan Gangewere (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Rachmadian Wulandana (Mechanical Engineering) -- Effectiveness of Supercritical CO2 Rankine Cycles / Tamara Ordonez (Mechanical Engineering), Robert Kennedy (Mechanical Engineering), Cuiyu Kuang (Mechanical Engineering), Megan Gangewere (Mechanical Engineering) Faculty Mentor: Rachmadian Wulandana (Mechanical Engineering) -- The Stockhausen Project / Steven Roberts (Composition/Music) Faculty Mentor: Alex Peh (Music) -- Measuring rotation rates of graphite in Laguerre-Gauss modes / Lucas Tracy (Physics), Matthew Cattani (Physics) Faculty Mentor: Catherine Herne (Physics) -- Analysis techniques for calcite crystal motion / Matthew Cattani (Physics) Faculty Mentor: Catherine Herne (Physics & Astronomy) -- Determination of Laser Mode Polarization via Birefringent Particle Motion / Daniel Brogan (Physics & Astronomy), Matthew Cattani (Physics) Faculty Mentor: Catherine Herne (Physics & Astronomy) -- Perceived Stigma among Mono & Bisexuals in LGBTQIA+ Community / Maria Talloni-Perlett (Psychology), JoniMaree Paternella (Psychology), Meagan Sweeney (Psychology), Bridget Gunn (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Lisa Bauer (Psychology) -- Gender Differences in Ambivalent Sexism and Political Beliefs / Maria Talloni-Perlett (Psychology), Meagan Sweeney (Psychology), JoniMaree Paternella (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Lisa Bauer (Psychology) -- Goal Shifting in Older Adults / Kelly Fitzpatrick (Psychology), Melyssa Arguello (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Jacquelyn Berry (Psychology) -- Lucid Dreaming / Hailey Matthews (Psychology), Gabriella Martinez (Psychology), Samuel Han (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Jacquelyn Berry (Psychology) -- Colored Targets and Distractors in Attentional Capture / Kathleen Herman (Psychology), Tyler Miller (Psychology), Evelyn Mendez-Sanchez (Psychology), Ellen Halady (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Jacquelyn Berry (Psychology) -- "Four in a Row" - How Extending Variable Target Repetitions Alters Attentional Capture / Patrick Holmberg (Psychology), Angelique Burgos (Psychology), Brett Spriggs (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Jacquelyn Berry (Psychology) -- Testing the Supermodel of Letter Recognition / Scott Ibbetson (Psychology), Caitlin Moschetto (Psychology), Lina Greenspon (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Jacquelyn Berry (Psychology) -- Targets and Distractors Sometimes Share Shapes Across Displays / Rachel Bogert (Psychology), Kasey Brock (Psychology), Jessica Mueller (Psychology), Nicholas Moscatiello (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Jacquelyn Berry (Psychology) -- Investigating the Validity and Reliability of a Discounted Utility Scale / Robert Arena (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Maryalice Citera (Psychology) -- Expectations for Future Careers: A Comparison Between Heterosexual and LGBT*Q Indentified Undergraduates / Amanda Baroni (Psychology), Maria Talloni (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Maryalice Citera (SUNY New Paltz) -- The Evolutionary Mismatch of Familial Proximity Relating to Mental Health / Julie Planke (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- Female Body Ideals Across the World Explained through Waist-to-Hip Ratio / Kelsey Newhook (Psychology), Rolon Vania (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- Investigating Emotions in Music / Olivia Jewell (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- Friends, Love, & tinder: An Evolutionary Mismatch of Mating Strategies / Richard Holler (Psychology), Jacqueline Di Santo (Psychology), Matthew Chason (Psychology), Jacqueline Eisenberg (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- The Evolved Classroom: Using Evolutionary Theory to Inform Elementary Pedagogy / Kathryne Gruskin (Elementary Ed.) Faculty Mentor: Glenn Geher (Psychology) -- Reactions to Behaviors: BFRBS and The Role of Education / Katrina Scarimbolo (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Geher (Psychology) -- Does hand proximity affect sentence processing? / Trisha Chabria (Biology & Psychology), Regina Paskoff (Psychobiology), Matt Chason (Psychobiology) Faculty Mentor: Giordana Grossi (Psychology) -- What If We had Never Broken Up? / Faith Gillen (Psychology), Brittany Mabie (Psychology), Timea Tozser (Psychology), Melissa Blankstein (Psychology), Cari Marivelli (Psychology), Monica Schneider (Psychology), Katrina Scarimbolo (Psychology), Lauren Miro (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Tabitha Holmes (Psychology) -- The Emotional Impacts of Competitive, Cooperative, and Solo Gameplay in Adults / Leah Mancini (Psychology), Ariel Barter (Psychology), Vania Rolon (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Douglas Maynard (Psychology) -- Play Among Nursing Home Residents / Leah Mancini (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Douglas Maynard (Psychology) -- Do young infants react with surprise, curiosity or puzzlement when viewing optical illusions? / Danielle Longo (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi (Psychology) -- Eye Movements in 4-month-olds Viewing Impossible Objects / Julie Planke (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi (Psychology) -- How Do We Form Categories of Pictures, Objects and Words? / Julie Planke (Psychology) Faculty Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi (Psychology) -- Low Income Communities in Long Island, NY Affected by Sea Level Rise / Katherine Matus (Student- SUNY New Paltz) Faculty Mentor: Judith Halasz (Sociology), Huicheng Chien (Geography) -- Immersive Audio in Virtual Reality / Brian Cahill-Assenza (Theatre Arts) Faculty Mentor: Sun Hee Kil (Theatre Arts) -- Oklahoma! Set Design / Caitlynn Barrett (Theatre Arts) Faculty Mentor: Ken Goldstein (Theatre Arts) -- Shadow of a Gunman Costume Design / Samantha Guglielmo (Theatre) Faculty Mentor: Andrea Varga (Theatre) -- Unmasked Costume Designs / Matthew Limerick (Theatre Arts Technology and Design/ Theatre Arts) Faculty Mentor: Andrea Varga (Theatre Arts).
The Student Research Symposium is an event for the presentation and recognition of student scholarship (both graduate and undergraduate). Students with any major in the university, in any college or school of the university, graduate or undergraduate are invited to participate. All students who have participated with faculty or under faculty supervision -- for example, as part of a senior seminar, independent study, or supervised work -- in original, independent research, critical reviews, laboratory projects or field studies eligible to present their work as a poster presentation.