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JETP Letters -- May 25, 2004 Volume 79, Issue 10, pp. 451-514 FIELDS, PARTICLES, AND NUCLEI Neutrino Oscillations from the Splitting of Fermi Points F. R. Klinkhamer pp. 451-456 Full Text: PDF (71 kB) Vacuum Expectation Values from Fusion of Vertex Operators Y. Pugai pp. 457-463 Full Text: PDF (86 kB) CONDENSED MATTER Bloch Oscillations in a Homogeneous Nucleotide Chain V. D. Lakhno and N. S. Fialko pp. 464-467 Full Text: PDF (55 kB) Short-Range Order and Twins in Ordered Titanium Monoxide A. A. Valeeva and A. I. Gusev pp. 468-472 Full Text: PDF (172 kB) Structural Properties of the Condensate in Two-Dimensional Mesoscopic Systems of Strongly Correlated Excitons Yu. E. Lozovik, S. Yu. Volkov, and M. Willander pp. 473-478 Full Text: PDF (181 kB) Energy Distributions of Photoelectrons Emitted from p-GaN(Cs, O) with Effective Negative Electron Affinity A. A. Pakhnevich, V. V. Bakin, A. V. Yaz'kov, G. É. Shaibler, S. V. Shevelev, O. E. Tereshchenko, A. S. Yaroshevich, and A. S. Terekhov pp. 479-483 Full Text: PDF (79 kB) Investigation of a Superconducting Mg1 – xAlxB2 System by Tunneling and Microjunction (Andreev) Spectroscopies Ya. G. Ponomarev, S. A. Kuzmichev, N. M. Kadomtseva, M. G. Mikheev, M. V. Sudakova, S. N. Chesnokov, E. G. Maksimov, S. I. Krasnosvobodtsev, L. G. Sevast'yanova, K. P. Burdina, and B. M. Bulychev pp. 484-488 Full Text: PDF (79 kB) Coulomb Effects in a Nanoscale SINIS Junction P. M. Ostrovsky and M. V. Feigel'man pp. 489-494 Full Text: PDF (78 kB) Anisotropic Positive Magnetoresistance of a Nonplanar 2D Electron Gas in a Parallel Magnetic Field A. V. Goran, A. A. Bykov, A. K. Bakarov, and J. C. Portal pp. 495-498 Full Text: PDF (176 kB) Measurement of the Leggett Frequency in 3He-B in Aerogel V. V. Dmitriev, V. V. Zavjalov, D. Ye. Zmeev, and N. Mulders pp. 499-503 Full Text: PDF (86 kB) Charge Redistribution between Cyclotron-Resolved Edge States at High Imbalance E. V. Deviatov, V. T. Dolgopolov, and A. Würtz pp. 504-509 Full Text: PDF (121 kB) QUANTUM INFORMATION SCIENCE Simple Estimate of the Critical Length of a Quantum Communication Channel with Attenuation for Coherent-State Quantum Cryptography A. P. Makkaveev, D. I. Pomozov, and S. N. Molotkov pp. 510-514 Full Text: PDF (54 kB)
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