Technical Physics V. 50, I. 03

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Technical Physics
Technical Physics -- March 2005 Volume 50, Issue 3, pp. 285-383 Ion Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles in Sapphire and Their Modification by High-Power Excimer Laser Pulses: A Review A. L. Stepanov pp. 285-297 Full Text: PDF (353 kB) THEORETICAL AND MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS Collective Cherenkov Effect and Anomalous Doppler Effect in a Bounded Spatial Region I. N. Kartashov, M. V. Kuzelev, A. A. Rukhadze, and N. Sepehri Javan pp. 298-307 Full Text: PDF (137 kB) ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATION Elastic Scattering of an Electron by the Negative Lithium Ion V. V. Semenikhina, V. K. Ivanov, and K. V. Lapkin pp. 308-313 Full Text: PDF (81 kB) GASES AND LIQUIDS Rate of Unsteady Evaporation of a Spherical Drop with Regard to Concentration and Temperature Discontinuities at Its Surface Yu. I. Yalamov and M. K. Kuzmin pp. 314-320 Full Text: PDF (90 kB) Nonlinear Oscillations of an Uncharged Conducting Drop in an External Uniform Electrostatic Field S. O. Shiryaeva, M. V. Volkova, and A. I. Grigor'ev pp. 321-329 Full Text: PDF (121 kB) Decay of Longitudinal Pressure Oscillations in a Cylindrical Cell A. A. Pikulev pp. 330-333 Full Text: PDF (60 kB) SOLIDS Pulsed Magnetic Technique of Material Testing under Impulsive Loading S. I. Krivosheev pp. 334-340 Full Text: PDF (88 kB) Crystallization in the Al–Si, Al–Ge, and Al–Si–Ge Systems at Centrifugation V. N. Gurin, S. P. Nikanorov, M. P. Volkov, L. I. Derkachenko, T. B. Popova, I. V. Korkin, B. R. Willcox, and L. L. Regel' pp. 341-346 Full Text: PDF (770 kB) OPTICS, QUANTUM ELECTRONICS Production of the Hg-196 Isotope by a Photochemical Method Yu. V. Viazovetski pp. 347-350 Full Text: PDF (124 kB) ELECTRON AND ION BEAMS, ACCELERATORS Effect of the Parameters of the Plasma Channel Produced by a High-Current Relativistic Electron Beam in Dense Gaseous Media on the Beam Transportation Stability N. A. Kondrat'ev and V. I. Smetanin[dagger] pp. 351-357 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) EXPERIMENTAL INSTRUMENTS AND TECHNIQUES Effect of the Transverse Size of a Laser-Induced Plasma Torch on Material Processing I. V. Blonskyy, A. Ya. Danko, V. N. Kadan, E. V. Orieshko, and V. M. Puzikov pp. 358-363 Full Text: PDF (178 kB) BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS Kinetic Crossover of Coalescence Conditions in a Supersaturated Homogeneous Solution P. Yu. Gubanov, Yu. V. Zheltov, I. L. Maksimov, and V. P. Morozov pp. 364-366 Full Text: PDF (48 kB) H2O/CuIn3Se5 Photoelectrochemical Cells: Fabrication and Properties I. V. Bodnar', E. S. Dmitrieva, V. Yu. Rud', and Yu. V. Rud' pp. 367-369 Full Text: PDF (51 kB) Stabilization of a Movable Magnet in the Field of a Stationary One by Rotation I. V. Veselitskii, V. S. Voronkov, G. G. Denisov, and R. V. Lin'kov pp. 370-375 Full Text: PDF (73 kB) Macrolocalization of Plastic Strain in Creep of Fine-Grain Aluminum V. I. Danilov, S. V. Konovalov, S. V. Zhuravleva, L. B. Zuev, and V. E. Gromov pp. 376-379 Full Text: PDF (57 kB) Generation of Autonomous Long-Lived Plasma Objects in Free Atmosphere L. V. Furov pp. 380-383 Full Text: PDF (209 kB)