New Course in Kinesiology Major--Pre-Practicum in Kinesiology

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College Senate
SUNY Brockport, College Senate
Kinesiology Major
A one-credit pre-practicum course in Kinesiology is being proposed to prepare students for the rigors final culminating experience. The current culminating classes in the major are PEP 479: Research in Kinesiology or PEP 480: Internship in Kinesiology (students select one). In addition to creating a new one-credit course, the proposal seeks to reduce the number of credits in PEP 479 and PEP 480 to tow credits for a net gain of zero credits and no additional resources. In making this change, students will: (1) understand how the knowledge and skills obtained in the Kinesiology program apply to various careers, (2) determine their career goals and how to pursue them, (3) acquire the skills needed for the job market, and (4) obtain the internship or research mentorship for the practicum course (PEP 479/480) that aligns with their career goals. Breaking the class into two parts will enhance student success amd allow them to be better prepared for their internship or research experience.