Open SUNY Textbooks Renewal

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Oberlander, Cyril
Lyons, Charles
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , Open SUNY Textbooks , Open Educational Resources , SUNY Press
The Open SUNY Textbook 2012 program, a very successful pilot, proved that SUNY Faculty and Libraries are interested in creating high-quality open textbooks. We received 38 proposals in a 2 week call for a writing deadline that was idealistic, libraries contributed funding and staffing to expand the program from the funded 5 open textbooks to 15. Those will be published during fall 2013. This demonstration of the Power of SUNY is key to reducing the cost of attending colleges and universities for students. It is vital to higher education leveraging the creative talents of their faculty, librarians, and staff, and provides the sustainability and scalability to Open SUNY. Using lessons learned from the pilot, we seek to expand learning resource production and participation to better meet some of the needs of SUNY faculty, our 440K current students, plus the anticipated 100K online SUNY students, and beyond.
Expansion of a pilot to create Open SUNY Textbooks to reduce the cost of attending colleges and universities by leveraging the creative talents of SUNY faculty, librarians, and staff to sustain and scale OER for Open SUNY. The Open SUNY Textbook project site: Information on the Open SUNY Textbook 2012 program is available at