Gateway (November 2015)

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Blackwood, Winnie/Chief Editor
Hladik, Catherine/Associate Editor
Press, Elizabeth/Faculty Adviser
Albrecht, Gabrielle/Staff Writer
Bas, Cara/Staff Writer
Blackwood, Winnie/Staff Writer
Hammonds, Amea/Staff Writer
Horstmann, Kaitee/Staff Writer
Mizutani, Tsugumi/Staff Writer
Nellis, Marissa/Staff Writer
FMCC Communications Club
student newspaper , student publication
Articles: Money matters by Cara Bas; A slice of pumpkin by Cara Bas; FM receives the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall by Winnie Blackwood; FM on religious freedom by Winnie Blackwood; SSA roundup by Winnie Blackwood; "Something to hide" by Amea Hammonds; New Student Union for 2016 by Leader Herald; "Fiber Currents" at FM by Kaitee Horstmann; FM says farewell to women's soccer by Tsugumi Mizutani; Let the race begin! by Marissa Nellis; Safety first, shopping second by Marissa Nellis; FM's women's basketball takes off by Christopher North; Viral violence by Devin O'Shaughnessy; Phi Theta Kappa welcomes 35 new inductees by Devin O'Shaughnessy; "Humans of FM" by Bella O'Shaughnessy, Devin and Buckley, Nicole and Buckley; "Fiber Currents" opening night by Amy Radik; Humans of FM by Robert Renda; There's a dead man in the theater! by Imran Suhail; Musicians of Ma'alwyck at FM by James Swanger; How far are you from home? by Jennifer Tran;