Low Temperature Physics V. 24, I. 04

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Low Temperature Physics
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Low Temperature Physics -- April 1998 Volume 24, Issue 4, pp. 219-295 Collisionless mechanism of zero-point sound attenuation in a normal Fermi liquid Yu. V. Slyusarenko Full Text: PDF (145 kB) Stability of a bounded charged He film on a metal substrate V. B. Shikin and E. V. Lebedeva Full Text: PDF (139 kB) Superconductivity above 250K in Tl1.8Ba2.0Ca2.6Cu3.0O10 + delta at high pressure C. Y. Han, W. Lin, Y. S. Wu, B. Yin, and D. S. Tang Full Text: PDF (81 kB) Magnetic-field suppression of superconductivity in layered high-Tc materials V. N. Varyukhin, G. G. Levchenko, Yu. V. Medvedev, A. V. Pashchenko, and S. J. Lewandowski Full Text: PDF (111 kB) Bound electron pairs in strongly correlated models of high-temperature superconductivity H. Boyaci and I. O. Kulik Full Text: PDF (188 kB) Peculiarities of vortex state of Bi-2212 single crystals G. G. Sergeeva Full Text: PDF (97 kB) Low-temperature resistivity of Zener ferromagnets V. N. Krivoruchko and A. M. Yakovenko Full Text: PDF (134 kB) Heat capacity of reentrant ferrimagnets Li0.5Fe2.5 – xGaxO4 with x = 0.9 and 1.2 N. N. Efimova, S. R. Kufterina, A. G. Anders, S. V. Startsev, A. M. Gurevich, and V. N. Eropkin Full Text: PDF (58 kB) Magnetic structure of ferro–antiferromagnet interface. 1. Layered antiferromagnet A. G. Grechnev and A. S. Kovalev Full Text: PDF (94 kB) Spectra of coupled magnetoelastic waves and peculiarities of phase transitions in easy-plane ferromagnets under mechanical boundary conditions Yu. N. Mitsai, Yu. A. Fridman, O. V. Kozhemyako, and B. L. Eingorn Full Text: PDF (169 kB) Contribution of longitudinal oscillations of magnetization to spin dynamics of spontaneous reorientation N. K. Danshin and Yu. I. Nepochatykh Full Text: PDF (122 kB) Thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity of the layered compound Nb1 – xSnxSe2 V. I. Beletskii, O. A. Gavrenko, B. A. Merisov, M. A. Obolenskii, A. V. Sologubenko, G. Ya. Khadjai, and Kh. B. Chashka Full Text: PDF (145 kB) Orientation effect in sound absorption by layered conductors O. V. Kirichenko, D. Krstovska, and V. G. Peschansky Full Text: PDF (93 kB) High-frequency impedance of organic metals in a strong magnetic field V. M. Gokhfel'd, V. G. Peschansky, and D. A. Toryanik Full Text: PDF (81 kB) Study of matrix isolation of nitrogen atoms in solid N2 Yu. A. Dmitriev and R. A. Zhitnikov Full Text: PDF (137 kB) Low frequency vibrational spectrum of CsDy(MoO4)2 V. I. Kut'ko Full Text: PDF (127 kB)
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