Low Temperature Physics V. 26, I. 04

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Low Temperature Physics
Low Temperature Physics -- April 2000 Volume 26, Issue 4, pp. 235-304 QUANTUM LIQUIDS AND QUANTUM CRYSTALS The role of normal processes in the thermal conductivity of solid deuterium O. A. Korolyuk, B. Ya. Gorodilov, A. I. Krivchikov, and V. V. Dudkin Full Text: PDF (68 kB) Properties and structure of fluid hydrogen near the line of crystallization E. S. Yakub Full Text: PDF (114 kB) Low-field electrodynamics of granular high-temperature superconductors V. K. Ignat'ev and I. V. Neginskii Full Text: PDF (106 kB) LOW-TEMPERATURE MAGNETISM On the influence of higher invariants of the thermodynamic potential on the onset of long-period magnetic structures Yu. D. Zavorotnev, L. I. Medvedeva, and E. P. Stefanovskii Full Text: PDF (56 kB) NMR of 57Fe in RFe1–xMnxO3 orthoferrites A. S. Karnachev, Yu. I. Klechin, A. A. Prokhorov, and E. E. Solov'ev Full Text: PDF (95 kB) Temperature-induced change in the ESR spectrum of the Fe3 + ion in polyaniline V. N. Vasyukov, V. P. D'yakonov, V. A. Shapovalov, E. I. Aksimentyeva, H. Szymczak, and S. Piechota Full Text: PDF (68 kB) ESR spectrum of KTm(MoO4)2 M. I. Kobets, V. A. Pashchenko, and E. N. Khats'ko Full Text: PDF (50 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL AND DISORDERED SYSTEMS Influence of a biquadratic interaction on the magnetic ordering in two-dimensional ferromagnets Yu. A. Fridman and D. V. Spirin Full Text: PDF (73 kB) Heat transfer in the orientationally disordered phase of SF6 O. I. Purskii, N. N. Zholonko, and V. A. Konstantinov Full Text: PDF (52 kB) Spontaneous onset of interaction anisotropy in a strongly correlated quasi-one-dimensional system of electrons D. M. Apal'kov, A. A. Zvyagin, D. M. Apal'kov, and A. A. Zvyagin Full Text: PDF (113 kB) LATTICE DYNAMICS Thermodynamics of an atomic monolayer with diatomic substitutional impurities M. I. Poltavskaya and K. A. Chishko Full Text: PDF (93 kB) Structure and thermal expansion of the low-temperature phase of SF6 A. P. Isakina, A. I. Prokhvatilov, and J. Rodríguez-Carvajal Full Text: PDF (163 kB)