Coby’s Marketing Plan

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Van Valen, Ethan
Martin, Nathanial
Chaudhary, Kartik
Mann, Kevin
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Strategic planning , Target marketing -- New York (State)
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Coby's Cafe - located on 549 Main St, Cobleskill, NY - operated by Jay Woods and funded by Cobleskill Auxiliary Services (CAS), is a failing business that specializes in breakfast, lunch, and dinner event services for SUNY Cobleskill students and members in the community. Every year since the opening of Coby's they have yielded negative sales. With cost cutting and other changes Coby's was able to reduce their net loss from $124,540 in 2014 to $103,205 in 2015. Without being operated by CAS and being funded through the school Coby's would most likely not be open for business any longer. CAS is mainly operated on the SUNY campus and through CAS Coby's has access to an unlimited amount of resources. Some of these resources give Coby's access to communicate directly with thousands of SUNY Cobleskill students and faculty members. Our team feels that we can help Coby's recover if they realize the opportunities they have access to and turn them into strengths. Our marketing plan is designed to strive towards maximizing Coby's audience and presence, and supplying quality and unique services. While striving towards those goals, our qualitative and quantitative objectives will be satisfied. These objectives include lowering the total net losses, raising total sales, reducing advertising by half, and growing social media outreach massively. Our strategy will be to separate the customer base of Coby's into two markets so we can market to them exclusively and we can satisfy and even exceed their needs. Although Coby's has many successful services and products, we feel they can still do more. We feel that they need to analyze their successes and modify them to create new successes. The goal would be that the successes would be recognition to the services or products that were overlooked and build them up as well. Moving beyond 2016 the goal is that this marketing plan will be able to be carried into the following year with only minor adjustments.
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