Astronomy Reports V. 48, I. 06

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Astronomy Reports
Astronomy Reports -- June 2004 Volume 48, Issue 6, pp. 439-524 Monitoring Compact Extragalactic Radio Sources at 4.8 and 8.6 GHz Using the 32-m Radio Telescope of the Svetloe Radio Astronomy Observatory T. B. Pyatunina, I. A. Rakhimov, and A. A. Zborovskii pp. 439-448 Full Text: PDF (333 kB) The Structure of Cool Accretion Disks in Semidetached Binaries D. V. Bisikalo, A. A. Boyarchuk, P. V. Kaigorodov, O. A. Kuznetsov, and T. Matsuda pp. 449-456 Full Text: PDF (615 kB) Analysis of the Scintillation Pattern of the Pulsar PSR B0329+54 Based on VLBI Data at 650 MHz K. V. Semenkov, V. A. Soglasnov, and M. V. Popov pp. 457-469 Full Text: PDF (406 kB) Optical Properties of the Circumstellar Dust around Stars with Aperiodic Fadings A. F. Pugach pp. 470-475 Full Text: PDF (159 kB) CaII Line Formation in the Spectra of Irradiated Atmospheres D. V. Ivanova, N. A. Sakhibullin, and V. V. Shimanskii pp. 476-491 Full Text: PDF (636 kB) Chemical Composition of 15 Photometric Analogues of the Sun A. I. Galeev, I. F. Bikmaev, F. A. Musaev, and G. A. Galazutdinov pp. 492-510 Full Text: PDF (388 kB) The Atmospheric Lithium Abundances of Solar Analogues A. I. Galeev, I. F. Bikmaev, L. I. Mashonkina, F. A. Musaev, and G. A. Galazutdinov pp. 511-521 Full Text: PDF (381 kB) Near-Polar Starspots and Polar Dynamo Waves S. V. Novikov, N. E. Piskunov, and D. D. Sokoloff pp. 522-524 Full Text: PDF (100 kB)