Gateway (October 2014)

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Harris, Shaunice/Chief Editor
Bermudez, Isaiah/Associate Editor
Hinkle, James/Faculty Advisor
Fagan, Lou/Faculty Advisor
Everhardt, Tim/Staff Writer
North, Christopher/Staff Writer
Collins, Kirief/Staff Writer
Lawrence, Ruben/Staff Writer
Davis, Tyrone/Staff Writer
Metzer, Matt/Staff Writer
FMCC Communications Club
student newspaper , student publication
Articles: Technology changes, College Town, future construction part of FM project list by Isaiah Bermudez; Speaker says transform yourself and change the world by Mandy Johnson; Do you know about the warning system? by Rueben Lawrence; Get Out, And Get Involved by Matt Metzger; Student clubs no longer can carry cash reserves over to next year, SGA discussed at meeting by Armondo Jimenez; FM looks to add golf, lacrosse, bowling, cross-country in coming years by Tim Everhardt; Sports Swagger and FM Athletes by Kirief Collins; FM baseball is all ready looking forward to making regionals again this season by Christopher North; Volleyball team wins 10 in a row by Brian de Los Santos; Campus Food Service from students’ point of view by Ye Jin Lee and Tsugumi Mizutani;