Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 09, Number 1 (Fall 1996)

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Dudley, Bill
Crease, Robert P.
Shepherd, Elizabeth
Sterngass, Jon
Robinson, Michael J.
Bernius, Glenn
Gorelick, Jeremy
Herbsman, Adam
Naylor, Natalie A.
Buck, Sarah A.
Stony Brook University, Department of History
Brookhaven National Laboratory -- History -- 20th century , Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town) -- Biography , African Americans -- New York (State) -- Long Island -- History , Education -- New York (State) -- Long Island , Shipbuilding industry -- New York (State) -- Long Island -- History , Smithtown (N.Y. : Town) -- History , Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.) -- History , Moore, Marianne, -- 1887-1972 , Hempstead (N.Y. : Town)
TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT / In Memoriam: William M.P. Dunne (1934-1995) by Bill Dudley - 1 / FEATURE ARTICLES: History of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Part Six: The Lab and the Long Island Community, 1947-1972 by Robert P. Crease - 4 / The Long Island Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, Part Two: The Struggle to Integrate Public Schools and Housing by Charles F. Howlett - 25 / The Downs and Ups of Samuel Cabman (1809-1881): A Nineteenth-Century Smithtown Farmer and Shipbuilder by Elizabeth Shepherd - 47 / “Something That Makes Me Feel At Home”: Marianne Moore and Brooklyn by Jon Sterngass - 65 / The Town of Hempstead Archives, 1644-1996: A Wealth of Municipal History by Michael J. Robinson - 79 / SECONDARY SCHOOL ESSAY CONTEST WINNERS: Banned Books: The Challenge to the First Amendment of Pico V. Island Trees (1982) by Glenn Bernius - 90 / The Fields, Woolworths, and Vanderbilts: Remembering the Gold Coast by Jeremy Gorelick - 96 / His Majesty's Loyal Subjects: Long Island's Tories and the Division of Hempstead Town by Adam Herbsman - 101 / REVIEW ESSAYS: New Incarnation of Lydia Minturn Post's “Personal Recollections” on the American Revolution: A Review Essay by Natalie A. Naylor - 109 / Response to an Uninspired Hoax: Judith E. Greenberg and Helen Carey Mckeever, Journal of a Revolutionary War Woman by Sarah A. Buck - 120 / REVIEWS: Judith E. Greenberg and Helen Carey McKeever. Journal of a Revolutionary War Woman. (See review essays by Natalie A. Naylor and Sarah A. Buck) John J. Gallagher. The Battle of Brooklyn, 1776 by Roger Wunderlich - 122 / Giacinta Bradley Koontz, Editor. The Harriet Quimby Research Conference Journal, Volume One-1995 by Frank C. Erk - 125 / Joshua Stoff. History of Early Aviation, 1903-1913 by Frank C. Erk - 128 / Roger D. Stone. Fair Tide: Sailing toward Long Island’s Future by Philip Palmedo - 130 / Joan Druett and Mary Anne Wallace. The Sailing Circle: 19th Century Seafaring Women from New York by Diane F. Perry - 132 / Andrea Wyatt Sexton and Alice Leccese Powers, eds. The Brooklyn Reader: 30 Writers Celebrate America’s Favorite Borough by Peter Stephan - 135 / BOOK NOTES - 137 / COMMUNICATIONS - 138