Single Inflation Model with Radiated Corrections

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Keefner, Jacob
Adhyatman, Alexander
Differential equations , Inflationary universe , Cosmology , Cosmological constants
This work was intended to study the effect of adding radiative corrections to the φ^2 and φ^4 models of inflation. These corrections were a result of the interaction of the scalar field with other particles. A computer algebra system called Maxima was used to write code that could perform Multivariable Newton's Method, which was needed to gain values to produce an r vs n_s plot. The two parameters that were focused on were epsilon and eta, which are both a function of the scalar field: φ. These parameters were used in order to define the functions of r and ns. Looking at 0.94≤n_s≤0.96 (based off of the n_s≈0.96 measurement from WMAP) we could see how large our r value could be. The model with radiated corrections and decoupling was found to be plausible due to principles in Quantum Field Theory.