MLG 201 Oral History Project (Fall 2022)

Abstract Chelsey Ramkissoon In the interview, we (me and my friend) spoke about her upbringing and the background of her family. First, I asked about her life and activities. She still works in Starbucks and is currently pursuing a liberal arts degree. We then spoke about her parents and where they are from. In Crema, a small town in Italy, her father was a butcher and her mother was unemployed. Her family moved to the US to follow her uncle (Fathers brother) where he would have a job that's better pay and better opportunities in the US. Isabella grew up in the city, Brooklyn, and then talked about the cuisine she would grow up eating. Her and her mother made Italian traditional cuisine, and eat out on occasion, which in their house eating out is a luxury, even if it's Chinese food. Food is a huge part of her family, as it connects one another. Her mother is currently teaching her how to make traditional Italian food and is helping out in the kitchen. The most meaningful life moment she had was going back to Italy and seeing her family again and seeing the countryside.
APPLIED LEARNING ENHANCED: UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH. Oral History Project carried out in MLG 201—Italian Food Culture and History with Dr. Chiara De Santi