Modification to Existing Recreation and Leisure Studies Introductory Course

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College Senate
SUNY Brockport, College Senate
Recreation and Leisure Studies
This proposal outlines three specific modification to the introductory course offered within the Department of Recreation Studies (REL). First, REL 302, "Fundamentals of Recreation and Leisure Studies" would be renumbered as REL 202 Second, REL 202 would add the social science general education code. Third, REL 202 would drop the oral communication general education code. The overarching goal is to increase enrollment in the REL major. We hope to achieve this by (a) increasing interest in the introductory course by adding the social science designation, and (b) reducing the requirements for enrolling in that course by dropping it to a 200 level. This change would have no impact on the number of credits required within the major. Department advising tools would be updated to reflect the fact that 202 would fill al the same pre/co-requisites within the major as 302 has to this point.