A Genetic Screen for Genes Regulating the Generation of Drosophila Intermediate Neural Progenitor Cells

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Luiu, Thien.
Xie, Yonggang, Dr.
Xiaosu, Li, Dr.
Zhu, Sijun, Dr.
We have varified that the loss of Btd leads to the elimination of mature INPs in type II NB lineages, but Btd prevents premature differentiation of INP remains to be elucidated. Here, we screened haploinsufficient loci that enhance or suppress the loss of INP phenotypes caused by Btd RNAi knockdown by using deficient (Df) lines. Knockdown of Btd results in elimination of INPs in about 70% of type II NB lineages, thus providing a sensitized genetic background for the screen. We screened total 376 deficiency lines of the second and the third chromosomes and found that 10 lines that suppress and 6 lines that enhance the loss of INP phenotypes caused by Btd RNAi knockdown. This initial screen will allow us to identify genes that function in the Btd pathway to regulate the generation of Drosophila INPs in the future.