Hasbrouck building complex renaming dialogue : report and recommendation

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"After extensive research, data review, and conversations with students, faculty, staff, community members, representatives of Historic Huguenot Street, descendants of Huguenot families, and alumni, the SUNY New Paltz Diversity and Inclusion Council has determined that the Hasbrouck Complex buildings should be renamed. This decision was widely supported by the members of the Council but it was not unanimous. The Council embodies a range of perspectives regarding documenting, interpreting, and commemorating histories. Our diversity is indicative of the complexity of our charge. There was consensus, however, that the current names have a deep impact on the lives of students who reside, eat, and create community in the Hasbrouck Complex buildings. There was also consensus that SUNY New Paltz's mission as an educational institution places upon us a duty to give expression to previously marginalized histories, to approach history through a lens of critical inquiry, and to understand our past in all its rich diversity without simply replacing one history with another." -- from the executive summary, page 3 Members: Members of the Diversity and Inclusion Council: Tanhena Pacheco Dunn, Assoc. VP for Human Resources, Chief Diversity Officer (co-chair); Reynolds Scott-Childress, Assistant Professor, Department of History (co-chair); LaTasha Brown, Assistant Professor, Digital Media and Journalism*; Robin Cohen-LaValle, Dean of Students; Mark Colvson, Dean, Sojourner Truth Library; Tyrell Connor, Assistant Professor, Sociology; Joseph Geidel, Student, History*; Ken Goldstein, Professor, Chair, Theatre; Deborah Gould, Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs; Lisa Jones, Dean of Admissions; Ron Law, '74 Alumnus, College Council Member*; Christina Lorper, Student, History*; Julieta Majak, Assistant Vice President, Administration and Finance; Emma Morcone, LGBTQ Coordinator, Deputy Title IX Coordinator; Amanda Norton, Complex Director, Residence Life; Ken Nystrom, Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Anthropology; Jessica Pabón, Assistant Professor, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Jessica Purcell, Advisor, Educational Opportunity Program; Melissa Yang Rock, Assistant Professor, Geography; Jean Vizvary, Director, Disability Resource Center; Shelly Wright, Chief of Staff and VP for Communication* (*Those who were invited by President Christian to participate in the Council this year for this special charge.)
Table of Contents: Diversity & Inclusion Council; Summary of Special Charge Executive Summary -- Experiences at Other Institutions -- The Changing Institution; Enslaved Persons in Colonial and Early Republic New Paltz; Huguenots' Commitment to Education, Racial History, and SUNY New Paltz; Footnotes -- Current Campus Building Naming Policy and History of Naming Policy in SUNY and at New Paltz -- Process of Campus and Community Engagement; Methods; Surveys; Outreach to Student Association; Town Hall Forums; Residential Hall Forums; Council Members visit to Historic Huguenot Street; Programming; Website; Themes from Campus and Community Voices; Recommendation Frames; Additional Recommendations -- Appendices; Works Consulted for the History Section; Committee Charge; Campus Communications; Campus Programming; Media Coverage; Local Campus Protocol for Naming of Buildings, Facilities, and Grounds; SUNY Policy on Naming Opportunities on State University Campuses; Hasbrouck Complex Dialogue Historic Timeline; Diversity & Inclusion Council PowerPoint with Ground Rules for Forum Discussion, January 2018; Student Association Survey Results, March 2018.
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