Semiconductors V. 38, I. 10

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Semiconductors -- October 2004 Volume 38, Issue 10, pp. 1115-1239 REVIEW Photosensitive Polymer Semiconductors E. L. Aleksandrova pp. 1115-1159 Full Text: PDF (557 kB) ATOMIC STRUCTURE AND NONELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Determination of the Oxygen Diffusion Profile in Polycrystalline Lead Selenide Layers Using Nuclear Microanalysis A. E. Gamarts, V. M. Lebedev, V. A. Moshnikov, and D. B. Chesnokova pp. 1160-1163 Full Text: PDF (53 kB) ELECTRONIC AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF SEMICONDUCTORS Electronic and Structural Transitions in Pb1 – xGexTe:Ga Alloys under Pressure E. P. Skipetrov, E. A. Zvereva, O. S. Volkova, A. V. Golubev, A. Yu. Mollaev, R. K. Arslanov, and V. E. Slyn'ko pp. 1164-1167 Full Text: PDF (57 kB) Magnetic-Field Dependences of the Conductivity and Hall Factor in MBE-Grown CdXHg1 – XTe Layers P. A. Bakhtin, S. A. Dvoretskii, V. S. Varavin, A. P. Korobkin, N. N. Mikhailov, and Yu. G. Sidorov pp. 1168-1171 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Effect of Low-Temperature Annealing on Electrical Properties of n-HgCdTe P. A. Bakhtin, S. A. Dvoretskii, V. S. Varavin, A. P. Korobkin, N. N. Mikhailov, I. V. Sabinina, and Yu. G. Sidorov pp. 1172-1175 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) Formation and Study of Buried SiC Layers with a High Content of Radiation Defects E. V. Bogdanova, V. V. Kozlovski, D. S. Rumyantsev, A. A. Volkova, and A. A. Lebedev pp. 1176-1178 Full Text: PDF (85 kB) A Model of Electrical Isolation in GaN and ZnO Bombarded with Light Ions A. I. Titov, P. A. Karasev, and S. O. Kucheyev pp. 1179-1186 Full Text: PDF (98 kB) Optical and Electrical Properties of 4H-SiC Irradiated with Fast Neutrons and High-Energy Heavy Ions E. V. Kalinina, G. F. Kholuyanov, G. A. Onushkin, D. V. Davydov, A. M. Strel'chuk, A. O. Konstantinov, A. Hallén, A. Yu. Nikiforov, V. A. Skuratov, and K. Havancsak pp. 1187-1191 Full Text: PDF (92 kB) SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES, INTERFACES, AND SURFACES Fabrication and Photosensitivity of Heterojunctions Based on CuIn3Se5 Crystals I. V. Bodnar', S. E. Nikitin, G. A. Il'chuk, V. Yu. Rud', Yu. V. Rud', and M. V. Yakushev pp. 1192-1197 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) Influence of Hydrogen Sulfide on Electrical and Photoelectric Properties of Al–p-Si–SnO2:Cu–Ag Heterostructures S. V. Slobodchikov[dagger], E. V. Russu, É. V. Ivanov, Yu. G. Malinin, and Kh. M. Salikhov pp. 1198-1201 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS Suppression of Dome-Shaped Clusters During Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Ge on Si(100) A. A. Tonkikh, G. E. Cirlin, V. G. Dubrovskii, V. M. Ustinov, and P. Werner pp. 1202-1206 Full Text: PDF (387 kB) Effect of Nonradiative Recombination Centers on Photoluminescence Efficiency in Quantum Dot Structures M. V. Maksimov, D. S. Sizov, A. G. Makarov, I. N. Kayander, L. V. Asryan, A. E. Zhukov, V. M. Ustinov, N. A. Cherkashin, N. A. Bert, N. N. Ledentsov, and D. Bimberg pp. 1207-1211 Full Text: PDF (98 kB) Calculation of the Thermoelectric Figure of Merit for Multilayer Structures with Quantum Wells in the Case of Carrier Scattering by Polar Optical Phonons D. A. Pshenai-Severin and Yu. I. Ravich pp. 1212-1216 Full Text: PDF (61 kB) Properties of GaAs Nanowhiskers Grown on a GaAs(111)B Surface Using a Combined Technique A. A. Tonkikh, G. E. Cirlin, Yu. B. Samsonenko, I. P. Soshnikov, and V. M. Ustinov pp. 1217-1220 Full Text: PDF (430 kB) AMORPHOUS, VITREOUS, AND POROUS SEMICONDUCTORS Distribution of the Density of Electronic States in the Energy Gap of Microcrystalline Hydrogenated Silicon A. G. Kazanskii and K. Yu. Khabarova pp. 1221-1224 Full Text: PDF (60 kB) PHYSICS OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Ge/Si Waveguide Photodiodes with Built-In Layers of Ge Quantum Dots for Fiber-Optic Communication Lines A. I. Yakimov, A. V. Dvurechenskii, V. V. Kirienko, N. P. Stepina, A. I. Nikiforov, V. V. Ul'yanov, S. V. Chaikovskii, V. A. Volodin, M. D. Efremov, M. S. Seksenbaev, T. S. Shamirzaev, and K. S. Zhuravlev pp. 1225-1229 Full Text: PDF (72 kB) Indium Arsenide Light-Emitting Diodes with a Cavity Formed by an Anode Contact and Semiconductor–Air Interface N. V. Zotova, N. D. Il'inskaya, S. A. Karandashev, B. A. Matveev, M. A. Remennyi, N. M. Stus', and V. V. Shustov pp. 1230-1234 Full Text: PDF (101 kB) Microwave Field-Effect Transistors Based on Group-III Nitrides S. B. Aleksandrov, D. A. Baranov, A. P. Kaidash, D. M. Krasovitskii, M. V. Pavlenko, S. I. Petrov, Yu. V. Pogorel'skii, I. A. Sokolov, M. V. Stepanov, V. P. Chalyi, N. B. Gladysheva, A. A. Dorofeev, Yu. A. Matveev, and A. A. Chernyavskii pp. 1235-1239 Full Text: PDF (60 kB)