Low Temperature Physics V. 23, I. 03

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Low Temperature Physics
Low Temperature Physics -- March 1997 Volume 23, Issue 3, pp. 177-265 On corrections in the Ginzburg–Landau equations associated with the normal component flow in a superfluid Fermi liquid with triplet p-wave pairing A. N. Tarasov Full Text: PDF (125 kB) Scattering theory of superconductive tunneling in quantum junctions V. S. Shumeiko, E. N. Bratus, and G. Wendin Full Text: PDF (346 kB) The effect of pressure and silver impurity on the superconducting properties of the HTS YBa2Cu4O8 V. Z. Kleiner, O. N. Ovcharenko, A. A. San'kov, N. S. Tereshina, and V. A. Finkel' Full Text: PDF (109 kB) Thermal conductivity of anisotropic HTS crystals YBa2Cu3O7 – x and Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 + y V. B. Efimov and L. P. Mezhov-Deglin Full Text: PDF (203 kB) Magnetooptical effects in ferroelectric materials I. E. Chupis Full Text: PDF (127 kB) Electron structure of diborides of 3d metals G. E. Grechnev, N. V. Ushakova, P. D. Kervalishvili, G. G. Kvachantiradze, and K. S. Kharebov Full Text: PDF (76 kB) Effect of electron–phonon relaxation on longitudinal electron focussing in metals Yu. A. Kolesnichenko and Tesgera Bedassa Full Text: PDF (149 kB) Surface energy relaxation of conduction electrons in bismuth using transverse electron focusing technique V. V. Andrievskii, Yu. F. Komnik, and S. V. Rozhok Full Text: PDF (220 kB) Photoconductivity of a quantum ballistic contact V. S. Borovikov, L. Yu. Gorelik, V. Z. Kleiner, and R. I. Shekhter Full Text: PDF (115 kB) Ballistic transport and interband interference in two-dimensional quantum contacts M. V. Moskalets Full Text: PDF (149 kB) Experimental and theoretical study of the optical properties of crystalline and amorphous TiSi2 films V. N. Antonov, Yu. V. Kudryavtsev, Yu. N. Makogon, V. V. Nemoshkalenko, A. Ya. Perlov, and T. T. Silakova Full Text: PDF (174 kB) Luminescence and ODMR studies of X-traps for triplet excitons in organic crystals A. A. Avdeenko, L. M. Buravtseva, V. S. Gorobchenko, V. V. Eremenko, S. V. Izvekov, A. E. Kravchenko, O. S. Pyshkin, and V. I. Sugakov Full Text: PDF (97 kB) The structure, slip systems, and microhardness of C60 crystals S. V. Lubenets, V. D. Natsik, L. S. Fomenko, A. P. Isakina, A. I. Prokhvatilov, M. A. Strzhemechny, N. A. Aksenova, and R. S. Ruoff Full Text: PDF (719 kB) Theory of magnetoelastic vibrations in spin glass I. A. Akhiezer, D. P. Belozorov, and Z. A. Spol'nik Full Text: PDF (86 kB) Positive Hall effect in a transition-metal-free amorphous alloy V. M. Kuzmenko and V. I. Melnikov Full Text: PDF (61 kB)