Gene Roddenberry: 09-18-1981

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Roddenberry, Gene
Burelbach, Frederick
Marchant, Piers
Gene Roddenberry , Star Trek , Science Fiction , Television As Medium
Gene Roddenberry was a producer and screenwriter, best known for creating the original television series Star Trek. Roddenberry was also a member of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Explorer’s Club of New York City, among many other organizations. The interview begins with a brief discussion about a new Star Trek movie on which Roddenberry was executive consultant. They then delve into where the initial idea for the Star Trek series came from and how Star Trek was able to break the boundaries of a typical science-fiction plot. Roddenberry discusses diversity on the original show and what he was able to get away with in terms of casting during that time period. He finishes by talking about the development of television as a medium as well as discussing some of the issues that he and the other show writers had with their directors.
AKA: Roddenberry, Eugene Wesley (birth name) and also credited as Wesley, Robert, 1921-1991