Past Matters

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Gottlieb, Marilyn
The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY.
Past Matters is the story of the 20th century following WW II through the eyes of a child who becomes an adult while surviving political, economic and professional setbacks beyond his control. Frank Levy was born a Jew in Berlin in 1933 when Hitler came into power. His parents fled Germany in 1936 before travel was forbidden for Jews. He was raised in the British Mandate of Palestina and moved to America in 1946. The reader follows Levy as he adjusts to a third culture, third language and third name. He becomes a mechanical engineer in the textile machinery industry and wins an international award in sustainability for the USA. His biography is unique to his life yet illustrates how outside forces impact everyone. Levy's story is every immigrants struggle to belong and to contribute to a new homeland.
240 pg.