EXIST: Working Collaboratively in an E-Publishing Environment

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Munafo, Brigid
Bennett, Ashley
DeHaan, Connor
Gillett, Mackenzie
Cardone, Katelyn
Castaldo, Samuel
Markell, Kimberly
Benicase, Kristy
Fargnoli, Gina
Digital Publication Graphic Design Writing
This poster presentation will describe a digital publishing project, produced through collaboration between several departments at SUNY Oswego. The product, a digital magazine called Exist: A SUNY Oswego Digital Publication. The purpose of the project was to allow original work created by SUNY Oswego students and faculty to be shared, while also allowing students to gain experience in the production and design of a digital publication, as well as distribution of that digital publication via Adobe Publishing Suite. The magazine is designed to allow each volume to have a different theme, depending on what the editor wants to do, and on what original content students create. Because the magazine has multiple volumes, there are all kinds of possibilities and the magazine is flexible enough to adapt and respond to changing interests of students and faculty over time.