“Jagadamba” Act II

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Maitra, Yashodhara
Abstract: “Jagadamba” is a one-woman, two act play that traces Kasturba Ghandi’s (wife of Mahatma Ghandi) journey, from India to South Africa and back to India — a journey that breaks barriers of caste, race, religion and tradition, forcing her to examine her beliefs, and embrace change. It shows her development and growth, her strengths, and her handling of extraordinary situations. [*Please note — “Jagadamba” is a two-act play that will take place in afternoon educational sessions I and II.] Presenter: Yashodhara Maitra has been an educator of the deaf at the National Technical Institute of the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology for 20 years in the subjects of mathematics and the natural sciences. She is a professional translator and has translated works in the genre of biographies, fiction and plays. Her translated works have been published by Popular Prakashan, Street Books, Kolkata, The Sahitya Sakedemi, India, as well as the University of Waterloo Press, Canada.