Understanding Collegiate Varsity eSports: Team Culture and Biopsychosocial Health

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Wolfe, Barat
Sweeney, Chris
Parcel-Mitchell, Janet
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , eSports , Collegiate Varsity eSports , Biopsychosocial Health
Collegiate varsity eSports are a relatively new phenomenon; as such, systematic investigations of the culture of eSports teams, the benefits of bringing eSports to campuses, and the players themselves are scarce. In this two-part study, we hope to fill the void by exploring the first SUNY team to join the National Association of Collegiate eSports (NACE). In part one, we will examine the biopsychosocial health profile of eSports athletes (including physiological, emotional, and social measures of health, and academic performance) at baseline, immediately post-competition, and at the end of the season. In part two, we will explore the culture of varsity eSports using qualitative methods, focusing on the students' experiences as engaged campus citizens. As a growing number of campuses target this population of students for recruitment and retention, it will be essential to understand their health and academic needs, and the ways that eSports better connects them to campus life. The implications for knowledge translation are discussed.
We are behind on our original timeline. The main issue is that the IRB on our campus went through a massive overhaul and the new Chair is still getting acclimated. As a result, our application has not been read yet.However, we expect to get approval by the end of January and jump right into our data collection. We anticipate that we will have data and an analysis to present in May, but the longer written portions of our work may take a bit longer.