Technical Physics Letters V. 28, I. 05
dc.descriptionTechnical Physics Letters -- May 2002 Volume 28, Issue 5, pp. 355-444 Hydrogen Sensitivity of a Silicon Schottky Diode Increased by Modification of the Semiconductor Surface Microrelief S. V. Tikhov, D. A. Pavlov, P. A. Shilyaev, E. L. Shobolov, and A. A. Os'kin pp. 355-356 Full Text: PDF (154 kB) Determining Chemical Compositions by the Method of Multi-Energy Radiography S. V. Naydenov and V. D. Ryzhikov pp. 357-360 Full Text: PDF (60 kB) Electron Beam Formation in an Open Discharge: Part 2. Does the Photoelectron Mechanism Work? A. R. Sorokin pp. 361-364 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) Simultaneous Gamma, X-ray, and Electron Mössbauer Spectroscopy Measurements at Low Temperatures A. S. Kamzin and D. B. Vcherashnii pp. 365-368 Full Text: PDF (79 kB) Experimental Investigation of the Quantum Amplification Effect for Magnetostatic Waves in Ferrite–Paramagnet Structures V. V. Danilov and A. Yu. Nechiporuk pp. 369-370 Full Text: PDF (35 kB) Chaotic Synchronization of Henon Mappings: The Information Approach A. S. Dmitriev, G. A. Kassian, and A. D. Khilinsky pp. 371-373 Full Text: PDF (45 kB) Modeling the Passive Microwave Devices Based on Planar Multilayer Anisotropic Structures with High-Temperature Superconductors M. S. Gashinova, I. A. Kolmakov, Ya. A. Kolmakov, and I. B. Vendik pp. 374-376 Full Text: PDF (80 kB) The Effect of Mechanical Loading on the Photoacoustic Response from Radial Cracks in Vickers-Indented Al2O3–SiC–TiC Ceramics K. L. Muratikov, A. L. Glazov, D. N. Rose, and D. E. Dumar pp. 377-381 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) The Effect of Hydrogen Etching on the Electrical Properties of Autoepitaxial Silicon Carbide Layers V. V. Zelenin, D. V. Davydov, M. L. Korogodskii, and A. A. Lebedev pp. 382-384 Full Text: PDF (88 kB) The Theory of Quasistatic Nanomachines V. L. Popov pp. 385-390 Full Text: PDF (87 kB) The Onsager Relations Analyzed Using an Ellipsoidal Statistical Equation A. V. Latyshev and A. A. Yushkanov pp. 391-394 Full Text: PDF (51 kB) Self-Modulated Generation Observed in a Delayed Feedback Relativistic Microwave Gyrotron N. S. Ginzburg, N. I. Zaitsev, E. V. Ilyakov, I. S. Kulagin, and R. M. Rozental' pp. 395-398 Full Text: PDF (66 kB) The Friction Drag of a Turbulent Flow Reduced on the Surface with a Molecular Film of Foleox Polymer L. A. Chekalova, V. Yu. Grigor'ev, and É. P. Denisov pp. 399-400 Full Text: PDF (39 kB) The Harmonic Oscillator Equation for Ultracold Neutrons Moving in an Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field T. Tchen pp. 401-402 Full Text: PDF (40 kB) Nonlinear Modes in Optical Fibers I. V. Dzedolik and A. I. Dzedolik pp. 403-405 Full Text: PDF (37 kB) The Effect of Electric Field on Metal–Insulator Phase Transition in Vanadium Dioxide P. P. Boriskov, A. A. Velichko, A. L. Pergament, G. B. Stefanovich, and D. G. Stefanovich pp. 406-408 Full Text: PDF (43 kB) Photovoltaic Converters Based on CdxZn1 – xS/Cu2S Variband Heterostructures M. N. Levin, V. N. Semenov, and O. V. Ostapenko pp. 409-410 Full Text: PDF (39 kB) On the Oscillatory Motion of Aerosol Particles Yu. I. Yalamov and A. L. Lebedeva pp. 411-413 Full Text: PDF (41 kB) Effects of Substrate Doping on the Properties of Porous Silicon Carbide Layers V. B. Shuman, V. V. Ratnikov, and N. S. Savkina pp. 414-415 Full Text: PDF (31 kB) Characteristics of an Acoustooptical Spectrometer for Remote Atmospheric Sounding in the Millimeter Wavelength Range N. A. Esepkina, S. K. Kruglov, S. B. Rozanov, I. I. Saenko, and S. V. Solomonov pp. 416-418 Full Text: PDF (39 kB) On Spherical X-ray Wave Focusing upon Backscattering from a Parabolic Cylinder Crystal T. Tchen pp. 419-421 Full Text: PDF (39 kB) The Interaction between Charged Dust Particles Calculated in Cassini Coordinates V. A. Gundienkov and S. I. Yakovlenko pp. 422-426 Full Text: PDF (64 kB) Zinc Diffusion in YBa2Cu3O7 – x Ceramics G. S. Kulikov, R. Sh. Malkovich, E. A. Skoryatina, and V. P. Usacheva pp. 427-429 Full Text: PDF (44 kB) On the Role of Vacancies in the Process of Self-Diffusion at Low Temperatures M. N. Magomedov pp. 430-433 Full Text: PDF (51 kB) Photoluminescence in the 1.55 µm Wavelength Range in the InGaAs/GaAs System with Quantum Dots and Wells A. A. Tonkikh, V. A. Egorov, N. K. Polyakov, G. E. Cirlin, N. V. Kryzhanovskaya, D. S. Sizov, and V. M. Ustinov pp. 434-436 Full Text: PDF (40 kB) Changes in Grain Boundary Misorientation Caused by Emission of Dislocation Pairs M. Yu. Gutkin, I. A. Ovid'ko, and N. V. Skiba pp. 437-438 Full Text: PDF (36 kB) Cathodic Localization of Metal Coatings on Silicon Carbide Crystals V. A. Karachinov pp. 439-440 Full Text: PDF (85 kB) Cooperative Activation of Neodymium Luminescence by Titanium(III) and Manganese(II) Ions in a Potassium Aluminosilicate Phosphate Glass E. B. Kleshchinov, I. M. Batyaev, S. M. Begel'dieva, and D. V. Kharitonov pp. 441-443 Full Text: PDF (42 kB) ERRATA Erratum: "Microwave Oscillations as an Indicator of the Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster Operation in a Limiting Regime" [Tech. Phys. Lett. 26 (7), 612 (2000)] p. 444 Full Text: PDF (6 kB)en
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