Long Island Offshore Wind Supply Chain Research and Analysis

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Feng, Jing Betty
Farmingdale State College
Long Island, Offshore wind, supply chain
Long Island’s (LI) upcoming offshore wind projects present valuable opportunities to create a whole manufacturing industry growing on the back of investments, contracts, manufacturing, jobs, and services for the offshore wind sector. It is a public interest to bring renewable energy and sustainability to LI and to establish local manufacturing capacity to achieve their economic development goals. The objective of this report is to provide an assessment of LI capability to develop its supply chain for the new growing OSW industry. We first conduct an analysis of the U.S. and global OSW industry by introducing the key players in the marketplace and the emergent trend of the industry. Through interviewing various organizations involving the OSW value chain, we provide an in-depth gap analysis of current stage of LI OSW projects and infrastructural development. Particularly, we present the opportunities and challenges facing the LI manufacturers to enter the new industry. We develop a roadmap of OSW supply chain developments as a guideline for LI businesses. In addition, we benchmark European OSW industry and provide the best practices of the OSW supply chain development in the U.K. to learn from the experiences of our counterparts. Last, we provide an overview of certification and insurance requirements for OSW suppliers.