Interactive Children’s Book Illustration and Design

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gillett, mackenzie r
Children's Book , Digital Publishing Suite , Digital Illustration , Interactive App Design , Client Work
Children’s books today are adapting to modern technology, moving from physical books to interactive applications for tablets and mobile devices. They offer a multitude of benefits for the reader, including animation, button interactivity, music, and narration. The designer of an app must consider the variety of platforms on which the app may be viewed and how the user may interact with it. Like any type of design, the designer must also be aware of the intended audience of the app, and how the needs of the audience may effect the design. In the case of a children’s book app, this may include a larger button size for developing motor skills or narration for aided reading. If illustrating for an author, the designer must balance these considerations with the wishes of the client. This presentation features an interactive children’s book app designed for the iPad. The app is an example of client-based work, the client here being the author of the book. Illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator using a drawing tablet, and the app was built in Adobe InDesign using digital publishing suite.