Change in Health Assessment Courses From Level I to Level III Courses and New Course Numbers and Titles to Differentiate RN to BSN Courses From Traditional Pre-Licensure Courses

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College Senate
SUNY Brockport, College Senate
Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
The current RN to BSN program began in 2007. At that time, NUR344 Health Assessment and NUR 345 Health Assessment Clinical taught in the RN to BSN program were the same courses as those taught in the traditional pre-licensure nursing program which are designed as Level I courses. Over the past few years, faculty teaching in the RN to BSN program have identified additional and different needs that registered nurses in the RB to BSN program have for this content to further and better build on their knowledge learned in their associates program as well as the clinical experience that they have had as a working Registered Nurse. Presently NUT 344 and NUR 345 sre the only courses in the RN to BSN program that are not structured as Level III courses. Thus, faculty would like to change both courses to Level III courses to be consistent with the rest of the program and to differentiate these courses from the entry-level courses in the traditional pre-licensure programs. These course will not only build on the curriculum from the student's ADN program but also on their clinical experience working as an RN.