Physics of Atomic Nuclei V. 65, I. 09

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Physics of Atomic Nuclei
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Physics of Atomic Nuclei -- September 2002 Volume 65, Issue 9, pp. 1563-1747 NUCLEI Above-Barrier Enhancement of Fusion in the 6He+209Bi Nuclear Reaction Yu. E. Penionzhkevich, Yu. A. Muzychka, S. M. Lukyanov, R. Kalpakchieva, N. K. Skobelev, V. P. Perelygin, Yu. G. Sobolev, L. V. Mikhailov, V. Yu. Ugryumov, J. Vincour, Z. Dlouhy, L. Kostov, Ya. Mrazek, and N. O. Poroshin pp. 1563-1568 Full Text: PDF (160 kB) Total Cross Section for 4,6He+28Si Reactions at 10–28 MeV/A I. V. Kuznetsov, E. Byalkowski, M. P. Ivanov, R. Kalpakchieva, A. Kugler, I. N. Kukhtina, V. F. Kushniruk, V. A. Maslov, L. Mikhailov, F. Negoita, Yu. E. Penionzhkevich, N. O. Poroshin, N. K. Skobelev, V. I. Smirnov, Yu. G. Sobolev, and V. Yu. Ugryumov pp. 1569-1574 Full Text: PDF (1164 kB) Advanced Adiabatic Approach to Superlow-Energy Inelastic Collisions of Mesic Atoms in Excited States L. I. Ponomarev and E. A. Solov'ev pp. 1575-1587 Full Text: PDF (338 kB) Multidimensional Langevin Approach to Describing the 18O+208Pb Fusion–Fission Reaction G. I. Kosenko, F. A. Ivanyuk, and V. V. Pashkevich pp. 1588-1595 Full Text: PDF (454 kB) Langevin Description of the Charge Distribution of Fragments Originating from the Fission of Excited Nuclei A. V. Karpov and G. D. Adeev pp. 1596-1608 Full Text: PDF (247 kB) Angular Dependences of the Tensor Analyzing Powers in the dd-->3Hen Reaction at Intermediate Energies V. P. Ladygin and N. B. Ladygina pp. 1609-1615 Full Text: PDF (299 kB) Investigation of Quasimolecular States in 24Mg* through the Analysis of the Angular dalpha Correlations in the 12C(14N,d)24Mg(alpha)20Ne Reaction T. L. Belyaeva, N. S. Zelenskaya, and M. Aguero Granados pp. 1616-1627 Full Text: PDF (445 kB) ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS Study of Mechanisms of Cumulative-Proton Production in Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions N. M. Agababyan, G. Ajvazyan, V. V. Ammosov, M. Atayan, N. Grigoryan, G. Gulkanyan, A. A. Ivanilov, G. Karamyan, and V. A. Korotkov pp. 1628-1633 Full Text: PDF (173 kB) On Lepton-Pair Production in Neutrino–Nucleus Collisions M. I. Vysotsky, I. V. Gaidaenko, and V. A. Novikov pp. 1634-1642 Full Text: PDF (192 kB) Off-Shell Behavior of the Scattering Amplitude and the Structure of NN Potentials A. N. Almaliev, I. V. Kopytin, and M. A. Shikhalev pp. 1643-1656 Full Text: PDF (352 kB) First Radial Excitations of Scalar-Meson Nonet and the Glueball M. K. Volkov and V. L. Yudichev pp. 1657-1672 Full Text: PDF (283 kB) The Isobar Model of the gammaN-->etaNProcesses in the Energy Range from the Threshold to 1200 MeV V. A. Tryasuchev pp. 1673-1677 Full Text: PDF (162 kB) Effective Method for Calculating the Analytic QCD Coupling Constant A. I. Alekseev pp. 1678-1691 Full Text: PDF (250 kB) Potential of Heavy Quarks in the Static Limit of QCD V. V. Kiselev, A. E. Kovalsky, and A. I. Onishchenko pp. 1692-1710 Full Text: PDF (329 kB) Phenomenological Analysis of the Experimental Data on the Photoproduction of eta Mesons off Nucleons E. V. Balandina, E. M. Leikin, and N. P. Yudin pp. 1711-1721 Full Text: PDF (193 kB) Analysis of Charged-Particle Production in Nucleus–Nucleus Interactions near and beyond the Kinematical Limit for Free NN Collisions within the FRITIOF Model A. S. Galoyan, G. L. Melkumov, and V. V. Uzhinskii pp. 1722-1732 Full Text: PDF (358 kB) Production and Rescattering of Heavy Quarks in Ultrarelativistic Nucleus–Nucleus Collisions I. P. Lokhtin and A. M. Snigirev pp. 1733-1742 Full Text: PDF (224 kB) The Role of the Intermediate Resonance a0(980) in the Decay eta-->pigammagamma E. P. Shabalin pp. 1743-1745 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) CHRONICLE On the 80th Anniversary of Karen Avetikovich Ter-Martirosyan pp. 1746-1747 Full Text: PDF (288 kB)
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