Comparing Pre-Built Hypervisors

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Chien, Taylor
Hypervisors , Virtualization Clusters , Virtualization , Datacenters
There are a lot of Hypervisors out there, from almost every developer. VMWare isn't the only option anymore, with free and open source hypervisors everywhere now. However, in terms of usability, building a system from scratch is something that only advanced users should attempt. I decided that I should compare the most popular hypervisors to each other and see if there was actually any differences in performance. The original list ranged form open-source-based options to Microsoft, VMWare, and Solaris, but eventually, I settled on four that were easily accessible, widely used, and free. The final listing is: Proxmox VE 4.5 XenServer 7 Hyper-V Server 2016 Vmware vSphere/ESXi In the past, I had used XenServer and Proxmox for the SUNY Polytechnic Institute Network and Computer Security Club's network, one of my jobs at Paul Smith's College involved the use of their vSphere cluster and scoping out potential replacements, and I had also used Proxmox, XenServer, and Microsoft's Hyper-V personally before starting this project.
Poster presented at 2017 SUNY Polytechnic Institute Student Project Showcase.