Virtual Reality Training Program: Using 360 Degree Videos to create an Immersive Learning Environment

SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , SUNY Maritime , 360 Degree Videos , Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality combined with 360 Degree Videos, allows for the opportunity for any individual to easily share an experience with anyone else. Although 360 Degree Cameras operate very similar to a standard camera, they provide an image which extends in all directions. When this 360 degree image is displayed through a Virtual Reality platform, it creates a fully immersive experience, causing the individual to feel as though they are actually there. SUNY Maritime College utilizes this technology to create a well structured lesson, integrating sound educational pedagogies, to guide the student toward the intended learning outcomes. The paper will discuss the steps taken to create this structured 360 Degree Video based lesson, the reasoning behind the developed lesson structure, as well as their study which compared students being taught through a standard lecture based lesson format and the use of the 360 Degree Videos.
SUNY Maritime College will explore the use of 360 Degree Videos incorporated with Virtual Reality Technology as an experiential learning platform, allowing them to developing a structured methodology to support the learning process created through the use of the 360 Degree Videos which utilizes the incorporation of a structured assessment process to guide the students towards established learning outcomes.