Spectral element method for stability analysis of milling processes with discontinuous time-periodicity

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Lehotzky, David
Insperger, Tamas
Khasawneh, Firas
Stepan, Gabor
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
spectral element method , stability analysis , machine tools , chatter models , milling , efficiency , computational time , stability boundaries , convergence
This paper presents an application of the spectral element method for the stability analysis of regenerative machine tool chatter models in milling operations. An extension of the spectral element method is introduced in order to handle the discontinuities in the cutting force in an effcient way. The efficiency of the method is demonstrated on some well-known machine tool chatter models taken from the literature. Efficiency is characterized by the computational time, the convergence of the stability boundaries and the convergence of critical characteristic multipliers. Results show that, compared to the most widespread methods in machining literature, the spectral element method provides significant improvements in computational time while maintaining high accuracy levels.