Physics of the Solid State V. 42, I. 12

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MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica”.
Physics of the Solid State
Physics of the Solid State -- December 2000 Volume 42, Issue 12, pp. 2177-2318 METALS AND SUPERCONDUCTORS Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of an Icosahedral Quasicrystalline Phase in the Al–Pd–Tc System M. N. Mikheeva, G. Kh. Panova, A. A. Teplov, M. N. Khlopkin, N. A. Chernoplekov, and A. A. Shikov pp. 2177-2183 Full Text: PDF (99 kB) The Influence of the Metalloid Species on the Electronic Structure of Disordered Transition-Metal–Metalloid Alloys D. A. Korolev, V. Ya. Bayankin, and E. P. Elsukov pp. 2184-2187 Full Text: PDF (54 kB) On the Specific Features and Transformation of the Band Structure of Mercury-Based HTSC Compounds M. V. Elizarova, A. O. Lukin, and V. É. Gasumyants pp. 2188-2196 Full Text: PDF (114 kB) SEMICONDUCTORS AND DIELECTRICS Charge Transfer in TlFeS2 and TlFeSe2 S. N. Mustafaeva, É. M. Kerimova, and A. I. Dzhabbarly pp. 2197-2199 Full Text: PDF (59 kB) Combined Photoreflectance/Photoluminescence Studies of the Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Surfaces R. V. Kuz'menko, A. V. Ganzha, É. P. Domashevskaya, S. Hildebrandt, and J. Schreiber pp. 2200-2203 Full Text: PDF (60 kB) X-ray Measurement of a Microdistortion Tensor and Its Application in an Analysis of the Dislocation Structure of Thick GaN Layers Obtained by Hydrochloride Gaseous-Phase Epitaxy V. V. Ratnikov, R. N. Kyutt, and T. V. Shubina pp. 2204-2210 Full Text: PDF (86 kB) Resonant Phonon Scattering due to Crystal-Field-Split Paramagnetic Levels of Pr Ions in PrTe1.46 R. G. Mitarov, L. S. Parfen'eva, V. V. Popov, and I. A. Smirnov pp. 2211-2216 Full Text: PDF (93 kB) DEFECTS, DISLOCATIONS, AND PHYSICS OF STRENGTH Local Vibrations in FCC Crystals with Two-Parametric Substitutional Impurities I. A. Gospodarev, A. V. Grishaev, E. S. Syrkin, and S. B. Feodos'ev pp. 2217-2230 Full Text: PDF (313 kB) KCl Crystals with a Silver Impurity: From Point Defects to Oriented AgCl Microcrystals in a Crystalline Host P. G. Baranov, N. G. Romanov, V. A. Khramtsov, A. G. Badalyan, and R. A. Babunts pp. 2231-2235 Full Text: PDF (69 kB) Analysis of the Plasticizing Effect of Hydrogen Dissolved in a Crystal on the Evolution of Plastic Deformation at the Tip of a Crack D. N. Karpinskii and S. V. Sannikov pp. 2236-2240 Full Text: PDF (68 kB) MAGNETISM AND FERROELECTRICITY Crystal Structure and Magnetic State of the LaMn1 – xVxO3 Perovskites A. E. Teplykh, A. N. Pirogov, A. Z. Men'shikov, and G. V. Bazuev pp. 2241-2249 Full Text: PDF (193 kB) The Initial Stage in the Nonlinear Motion of a Domain Wall in Garnet Films V. A. Bokov, V. V. Volkov, N. L. Petrichenko, and Z. Frait pp. 2250-2253 Full Text: PDF (60 kB) The Effect of Off-Center Cu2+ Ions on the Phase Transition in Lead Germanate Crystals M. P. Trubitsyn and V. G. Pozdeev pp. 2254-2257 Full Text: PDF (56 kB) Light-Induced Intrinsic Defects in PLZT Ceramics V. V. Laguta, M. D. Glinchuk, A. M. Slipenyuk, and I. P. Bykov pp. 2258-2264 Full Text: PDF (116 kB) LATTICE DYNAMICS AND PHASE TRANSITIONS Isotopic Effect in Brillouin Light-Scattering Spectra of a Cs5H3(SO4)4 · xH2O Crystal S. G. Lushnikov, A. I. Fedoseev, and L. A. Shuvalov pp. 2265-2272 Full Text: PDF (153 kB) On the Theory of Phase Transformations with a Nonuniform Nucleation Rate N. V. Alekseechkin pp. 2273-2281 Full Text: PDF (107 kB) Theoretical Pressure–Temperature Phase Diagram for [N(CH3)4]2CuCl4 D. G. Sannikov pp. 2282-2287 Full Text: PDF (81 kB) Independent Anharmonic Oscillator Approximation in the Theory of Structural Phase Transitions in Crystals M. B. Smirnov and J. Hlinka pp. 2288-2294 Full Text: PDF (90 kB) LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS AND SURFACE PHYSICS Contact Phenomena in 2D Electronic Systems with an Integer Filling Factor V. B. Shikin and Yu. V. Shikina pp. 2295-2299 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) Change in the Shape of a Symmetric Light Pulse Passing through a Quantum Well L. I. Korovin, I. G. Lang, D. A. Contreras-Solorio, and S. T. Pavlov pp. 2300-2313 Full Text: PDF (167 kB) Self-Organization in the Formation of a Nanoporous Carbon Material S. K. Gordeev, S. A. Kukushkin, A. V. Osipov, and Yu. V. Pavlov pp. 2314-2317 Full Text: PDF (158 kB) ERRATA Erratum: "Effect of Electric Field on NMR Spectra in Centroantisymmetric Antiferromagnets" [Phys. Solid State 42 (5), 903 (2000)] V. V. Leskovets and E. A. Turov p. 2318 Full Text: PDF (7 kB)