Interactive Online Career Development: Expanding Access for all Students

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Youhess, David
Kaukus, Arlene
Johnson, Lauren
Orrange, Robert
Smith, Jenna
Yousey-Elsener, Kimberly
Lui, Xiufeng
Collis, Lynn
SUNY , State University of New York , IITG , Innovative Instructional Technology Grants , Career Readiness , Assessment tools
Self-guided online career modules will be created to expand access for individualized career decision- making and job-search guidance. This collaborative University effort will have the potential (upon taken to scale) to be accessible for all students and alumni that are part of the SUNY system. This endeavor will open new avenues for the accessing of career services, will increase the flexibility of the service provided, and will better cater to the diversity of student learning styles as users will be “self-pacing” throughout the modular experience. Evidence-based outcomes that demonstrate the effectiveness of the instructional innovation and user self-efficacy will be incorporated into the project. The first module (which is the focus of this grant application) will constitute career exploration and self-assessment while topics such as career decision making, networking, resume writing, interviewing, and success at your first job would follow in subsequent modules.
Outcomes TBD (August 2016)