Characteristics of Coherent Fiber Optics Imaging Bundle After High Power Transmission

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Yen, Shih Hsi
The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY.
This thesis presents a comparative experimental characterization of a coherent fiber optics imaging bundle or coherent fiber bundle (CFB) before and after exposure to high energy density pulses (> 1k J/cm2). A Fujikura FIGH-30-850N ultra-thin imaging fiber with 30,000 individual optical fiber filaments, packed into a 780 um spot, was tested. Two fiber-coupled laser diodes, operating at a wavelength of 818 nm and 830nm respectively, provided the high power excitation source for the experiments. Analysis done using visual inspection and modulation transfer function techniques revealed that the laser induced fiber damage threshold (LIFDT) of the CFB is greater than 11k J/cm2. This high damage threshold is much larger than the accepted levels used for diverse medical procedures, such as, photoepilation. The results indicate that CFBs can be used for precise delivery of lethal doses of optical energy needed to destroy unwanted tissues, in addition to transporting images from remote locations.