Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics V. 92, I. 01

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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
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Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics -- January 2001 Volume 92, Issue 1, pp. 1-193 ATOMS, SPECTRA, RADIATION Selective Multiphoton IR Dissociation of SF6 Molecules under Nonequilibrium Conditions of a Pulsed Gasodynamically Cooled Molecular Flow Interacting with a Solid Surface G. N. Makarov and A. N. Petin pp. 1-9 Full Text: PDF (116 kB) Wave Packets in Smoothly Inhomogeneous Dispersive Media G. V. Permitin and A. I. Smirnov pp. 10-19 Full Text: PDF (123 kB) Ponderomotive Nongradient Force Acting on a Relativistic Particle Crossing an Inhomogeneous Electromagnetic Wave A. V. Serov pp. 20-27 Full Text: PDF (94 kB) Dynamics of Mass Transfer Caused by the Photoinduced Spatially Inhomogeneous Modulation of Mobility in a Multicomponent Medium R. Caputo, A. V. Sukhov, C. Umeton, and R. F. Ushakov pp. 28-36 Full Text: PDF (110 kB) Generalized Sturm Expansions of the Coulomb Green's Function and Two-Photon Gordon Formulas A. A. Krylovetsky, N. L. Manakov, and S. I. Marmo pp. 37-60 Full Text: PDF (280 kB) Spontaneous Multipole Radiation in a Condensed Medium E. V. Tkalya pp. 61-68 Full Text: PDF (95 kB) PLASMA, GASES On the Possibility of Target Plasma Ignition under the Conditions of Inertial Nuclear Fusion A. A. Andreev, S. Yu. Gus'kov, D. V. Il'in, A. A. Levkovskii , V. B. Rozanov, and V. E. Sherman pp. 69-77 Full Text: PDF (105 kB) A Stationary Filamentary Microwave Discharge at a High Pressure of Argon A. A. Skovoroda and A. V. Zvonkov pp. 78-85 Full Text: PDF (215 kB) The Effect of the Gas Temperature Gradient on Dust Structures in a Glow-Discharge Plasma V. V. Balabanov, L. M. Vasilyak, S. P. Vetchinin, A. P. Nefedov, D. N. Polyakov, and V. E. Fortov pp. 86-92 Full Text: PDF (99 kB) SOLIDS Structure Correlation Effects in the Heat Capacity of Separating 3He–4He Solid Solutions T. N. Antsygina, K. A. Chishko, and V. A. Slusarev pp. 93-99 Full Text: PDF (97 kB) Separation of Magnetic Phases in La1 – xCaxMnO3 Manganites with 0.6 <= x <= 0.9 T. I. Arbuzova, I. B. Smolyak, S. V. Naumov, A. A. Samokhvalov, and A. V. Korolev pp. 100-107 Full Text: PDF (113 kB) Electronic Properties Vectorial Wave Interaction in Cubic Photorefractive Crystals B. I. Sturman, E. V. Podivilov, V. P. Kamenov, E. Nippolainen, and A. A. Kamshilin pp. 108-122 Full Text: PDF (285 kB) Effective Electrical Characteristics of a Two-Dimensional Three-Component Doubly-Periodic System with Circular Inclusions B. Ya. Balagurov pp. 123-134 Full Text: PDF (152 kB) Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in Semimagnetic Semiconductor HgMnTe with Inverted Bands V. B. Bogevolnov, I. M. Ivankiv, A. M. Yafyasov, and V. F. Radantsev pp. 135-145 Full Text: PDF (147 kB) Metamagnetic Transitions in Frustrated Spin-Ladders D. V. Dmitriev, V. Ya. Krivnov, and A. A. Ovchinnikov pp. 146-152 Full Text: PDF (91 kB) Spin-Plasmon Oscillations of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas L. I. Magarill, A. V. Chaplik, and M. V. Éntin pp. 153-158 Full Text: PDF (86 kB) Low-Field Electrodynamics of Polycrystalline Superconductors SnMo6S8 and PbMo6S8 S. L. Ginzburg, I. D. Luzyanin, I. R. Metskhvarishvili, É. G. Tarovik, and V. P. Khavronin pp. 159-168 Full Text: PDF (157 kB) Neutral and Charged Magnetic Excitons in Finite-Width Quantum Rings A. V. Chaplik pp. 169-173 Full Text: PDF (65 kB) MISCELLANEOUS Physics of the ATPase Molecular Motor S. Pikin and W. Haase pp. 174-178 Full Text: PDF (62 kB) Big Entropy Fluctuations in the Nonequilibrium Steady State: A Simple Model with the Gauss Heat Bath B. V. Chirikov pp. 179-193 Full Text: PDF (212 kB)
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